Embrace Being Single And Make The Most Of It: Part 1

Embrace Being Single And Make The Most Of It: Part 1

How To Embrace Being Single And Make The Most Of It: Part 1

Many people in society feel the stigma that is associated with being single and this grows as the older you get.

Society will tend to think of people who don’t have a partner, or aren’t married with kids as something that is a defect, that they have something wrong with them.

However, the times when you are single are something that should be embraced but only if you use that independent time productively. When you are single you should be using that time to discover more about who you are as a person, working on your passions and in general working on living an amazing life.

If you do this then it will only serve to make you even better when you do enter your next relationship.

Here is how you should be making the most of your single time.

  1. Quit reminiscing – It’s okay to reminisce about good past memories but too many singles will reminisce about a past heartbreak. They’ll do it so much that it ends up making them feel miserable about their current situation. It’s important you take note of how you think about the situation and remember, that your ex is an ex for a reason.
  1. Explore new hobbies and interests – This is one real advantage of being single. You have the time and independence to explore new passions and interests. Another real benefit of this is that you may even meet your dream partner through something related to a passion you have and that kind of connection is extremely powerful for bonding with one another.
  1. Take care of yourself – This is a time to put yourself first. Think about what you really want out of life. What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of person do you want to share it with? These things are all inter-related so you should pay attention to them.

Keep an eye out for the next post where we will run through some more tips on how to embrace being single so you will be an even better partner for your next relationship.

Are Second Dates Tougher Than First Dates?

Are Second Dates Tougher Than First Dates?

Are Second Dates Tougher Than First Dates?

It’s an interesting question to ask, isn’t it?

By default, most people would automatically think that it’s the first date that is the toughest but here is an interesting thought because maybe the second date is even tougher.

Let’s look at it this way.

We know a first date creates that butterflies in the stomach feeling. If you haven’t been on a first date for a long time then it can quite an intense experience.

You’ve got all these thoughts swirling around in your head. You’ve got all these feelings inside that feel almost completely alien to you.

But then you get on the date and things go well.

When you go out on a first date you really don’t know what to expect but when it’s a second date it’s another thing altogether.

If you had a great first date then you end up naturally creating an expectation in your own mind about how the second date will go.

This is why the second date is arguably much tougher than the first.

On the first date you may be feeling very nervous and excited at the same time but you don’t have an expectation in your head.

You generally go on a first date without much of an expectation where you are trying to see if you have a connection with that person and see where things go from there.

With the second date, if the first has gone well, you end up with an expectation in your own head. You naturally expect it to go well and now there is this barometer that is telling you to have an expectation for the second date.

Second dates are actually just as crucial as the first date because if things don’t go well then it can completely destroy the attraction that was built during the first date.

The most important thing when going on a second date is to try and stay grounded so don’t create too much of an expectation in your own mind.

You want to remain relaxed so that the second date goes as well as the first date.

Without putting too much pressure on, if you ruin the second date then you’ll destroy all the attraction that was created during the first date.

Trust Issues In Your Relationship

Trust Issues In Your Relationship

How To Deal With Serious Trust Issues In Your Relationship

Trust is the cornerstone of all successful and healthy relationships. Everyone knows this and the thing with trust is, is that once it’s broken it can be very hard to get back. Without trust you will never have a healthy and successful relationship. Trust is something that is hard to get but it’s also essential to being able to develop a strong and healthy relationship.

There are numerous ways to build trust such as making sure your actions follow your words, opening up your heart, showing your vulnerability and generally being there for your partner. There are also numerous reasons why trust issues can occur in a relationship. The most obvious is that the trust that was built has now been broken. In many cases this is caused by an infidelity or some other dishonest action. In other cases it can simply be a result of insecurity with one partner. More often than not, when trust is broken it’s because one person has violated the trust of their partner.

Then the insecurity creeps in, the constant questioning, second-guessing your partner while they are not with you and plenty of other negative behaviours. Once this kind of thinking and actions creeps into the relationship things will start to erode in the relationship. In many cases this is the beginning of the end unless you fix it. So what can you do to deal with a break in trust? For some people there is literally is nothing. Some people believe so firmly that when trust is broken you can’t get it back. This is understandable. For others it’s going to be a long process of soul searching and proving yourself all over again to your partner. Only this time it’s going to take a lot longer.

Ultimately, it’s your actions that will show that you are serious about repairing any broken trust. So reflect this in your actions. It’s actions that speak louder than words. Your actions can either break trust or help to gain trust.

First Date Advice – Letting Someone Know You’re Not Interested

First Date Advice – Letting Someone Know You’re Not Interested

How To Let Someone Know Politely After The First Date You’re Not Interested – First Date Advice

A first date is one of those social encounters that is designed to test the waters a bit.

The point is to meet the person, spend some one-on-one time with them and then see if there is a connection, sexual chemistry and the possibility of it developing into something deeper in the future.

Sometimes though it just doesn’t go according to plan or how you’d hoped it would and we hope that our first date advice will help you deal with this situation…

You go out and meet your date, you are intrigued initially and they even like you. You are thinking that they seem like a great person and could be someone worth developing a relationship with in the future.

Then the feeling of nothing sets in.

What we mean by this is a complete indifference. You finish the date, maybe even wait until the next day but there is that feeling of indifference.

However, you know for a fact that they like you more than you like them so what can you do?

How can you break it to that person without crushing them?

The easiest way to handle this and our first date advice is to simply be honest with your feelings.

There is no need for silly tricks or tactics as some dating experts who provide first date advice may have you believe.

All you need to do is be open, honest and upfront with them about your own feelings.

So here is what you do and you can modify the following script as you see fit.

This script is not cut and dry, it’s simply a guideline you can follow and here is what you say.

“Hey, I’m really glad we got to meet and spend some time together but I just didn’t feel that romantic connection and chemistry with you. I’m really sorry but I want to be honest and tell you now rather than lead you on.”

No need for silly tricks, just simple considerate and respectful honesty.

Sure it’s going to be hard and they will be disappointed but if you take this approach we can guarantee that they are going to respect you so much for it and you’ll come off as a great person.

Are You Too Busy For Love?

Are You Too Busy For Love?

In life there are two types of people who are too busy for love.

The first type is someone who is so busy with career and life commitments that they don’t even have time to find a great person for love.

The second type isn’t too busy to find time love. Instead, they are already either dating someone or are in a relationship but they are so busy that they struggle to make time for their partner.

So in this post we are going to be looking at how to deal with both types of situations.

To deal with the first situation you need to change your approach. If going out two or three times per week to social events where you can potentially meet new people is too much given your other life commitments then you need a new approach.

In this instance it may be beneficial for you to try personal introductions and matchmaking.

A personal matchmaker will work with you to get an idea of who your dream partner is and they will find potential partners for you by using a database full of singles throughout the UK.

This is the best way you can approach this problem if you really do struggle to find the time for dating and meeting new people.

The second type of situation is because you haven’t made spending time with your partner a priority in your life.

If you set it as a priority, even in your own mind, then you’ll certainly be able to find time to spend with your partner. There is a specific reason you started dating your partner so remember what it was and make the time for them.

If you don’t dedicate time to your partner and strengthening the relationship then it will eventually grow weaker and you’ll both grow apart from each other.

These are the two most common problems relating to being too busy for love. Take a look at your own love life and you may find that these circumstances apply to you. If so, follow our advice and hopefully you’ll be able to find time for love again.

This is an important area of your life so make sure you dedicate time for it. Happiness and a great life shared with someone special is much more rewarding than being alone.