Five Reasons To Swap Online Dating For Personal Matchmaking in 2018

Five Reasons To Swap Online Dating For Personal Matchmaking in 2018

At Searchmate, we know it can be hard to figure out how to meet new people.  Everyday, we speak to single men and women who have decided to swap online dating for personal matchmaking.  As a result, we have a strong understanding of why our clients come to us.  Here are five key reasons why people choose to work with a Personal Matchmaker:

The Risks Associated with Online Dating

We’ve all heard the horror stories relating to a lack of client protection demonstrated by online dating agencies.  Many new clients reach out to us after finding themselves in possible danger.  Anyone can create an online dating profile.  Therefore, no-one can be sure who is real …and who isn’t.  At Searchmate, we protect our clients from fraud.  With a state of the art ID checking system, we verify the identity of every new member.

Support and Empathy

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is never easy.  However, our Personal Matchmakers have years of experience in putting clients at ease.  Our team pride themselves on building strong, supportive relationships.  The dating journey is no longer an isolating experience for Searchmate members.

Great Expectations

Searchmate clients know what they want.  Whether it’s a soulmate to build a family with, or a companion to share an exciting retirement with, they don’t want to settle for second best.  Our Personal Matchmakers handpick each recommendation.  They’ve spent time understanding what makes each client tick.  As a result, our members don’t have to trawl through endless time-wasters.

Online Dating Hasn’t Produced ‘A Date’

Many of our clients find that internet dating results in numerous emails but no face to face dates.   Our structure encourages members to move from an initial telephone call to a date.  This is a refreshing change for those who have had so many hopes dashed online!

A Belief In Love

Searchmate clients invest in their personal happiness because they believe in love.  It’s as simple and as magical as that!

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London Singles: The Most Romantic City Dates

London Singles: The Most Romantic City Dates

Single in the city over the festive season?  Before you book a panic flight out of town, consider our romantic date ideas for London singles.  There’s still time for our Personal Matchmakers to sprinkle a little of their Christmas  magic to help you find your perfect match!


For an unforgettably romantic dining experience, Sarastro offers opulent decor and flamboyant food.  Located in Drury Lane, this magical setting features crushed velvet table cloths and private ‘opera booth’ seating.  Enjoy live opera, swing and Motown over a Mediterranean themed menu.  Signature dishes include lamb shank and grilled sea bass.  Sarastro blends culture, food and romance perfectly.  As a result, we find it hard to imagine a more memorable first date!

The Aqua Shard

This festive season, take afternoon tea at the Aqua Shard.  This bar/restaurant is panoramic, therefore offering views of the city skyline. Its unique Tree Of Glass comprises 245 hand blown, floating LED pendant lights.  The pendant shade design is inspired by The Shard.

British and Irish produce arrives direct from London’s Borough Market.  This is a restaurant that prides itself upon English cuisine.

Afternoon tea can be booked on line at

Ronnie Scott’s

Ronnie Scott’s has been the home of British jazz since 1959.  With a relaxed 50s ‘Speakeasy’ vibe, this club is THE place for music fans of all ages.  As a result of greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis performing here, the club is one of London’s most iconic venues.

For the coolest first date in town, visit

Online Dating Crime: Searchmate’s Reaction

Online Dating Crime: Searchmate’s Reaction

Online Dating Crime: The Figures

There has been a dramatic rise in online dating crime.

Last week, Sky News reported that 2,054 offences were recorded between 2011 and 2016.

Back in 2011, 140 crimes were recorded.  By 2016 this figure had risen to 676.  Therefore, the UK has seen 382% increase in online dating crime. During the same period, the number of reported sexual crimes rose from 14 to 106. Violent attacks increased from 29 to 240.

Due to the secrecy often involved within the online dating world, a large number of crimes remain unreported. As a result, actual figures are far higher.

Former Tinder user, Louise, aged 35, told us “I rarely confided in anyone when I met a Tinder date for the first time. I had no idea who I was meeting or how safe the situation would be. People can pretend to be whoever they want to be on an app, can’t they?”

The Dating Safely Campaign

This careless attitude towards personal safety provided the motivation for the Dating Agency Association’s national Dating Safely Campaign.  A free downloadable guide is available to everyone via the Dating Agency Association website.  The information within this guide enables single men and women to enjoy meeting new people whilst making their own personal safety a priority.   As children we were all taught the dangers of trusting a stranger.  Now that we’re adults, it’s important we don’t take the attitude that suddenly these dangers no longer exist. Men and women are at equal risk when it comes to online dating crime.  The Dating Agency Association insists upon high standards of safeguarding within its member agencies.  It also reminds people that ultimately, it’s your own decision-making that will keep you safe.

As a member of the Dating Agency Agency Association, Searchmate is proud of its safeguarding policies.  Managing Director, Mike Parker, explains – “We use state of the art verification systems and interview every potential client before approving a membership.  I’m proud to say that the service Searchmate offers is a million miles from online dating.”

Please download a copy of the Dating Safely Guidelines at :

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The Top Five Things Single Men Want From A Relationship

The Top Five Things Single Men Want From A Relationship

For both single men and women, understanding what makes the opposite sex tick can seem like an impossible mission. Just when we think we’ve got a new partner all worked out, we do something that seems to throw them off balance. Suddenly, we’re alone on a Saturday night again.  We’re logging onto a dating site. Trawling through hundreds of depressing strangers. It’s like sifting for gold without a panning sieve.

At Searchmate, our personal matchmakers become the panning sieve for our clients. It’s essential that we understand exactly what each client is looking for.  As a result, we are uniquely placed to understand what single men and women want.

So What Do Single Men Want From A Relationship??

  1. Ease: When a man takes a woman on a first date, he wants to feel the uncomplicated anticipation of his adolescence.  He wants to experience the excitement.  The not-knowing-what-might-happen.  The thrill of having a woman he finds attractive sitting opposite him.  A sure way to kill this vibe is for a woman to start talking about an ex.  A bitter break up.  The terrible internet date she went on last week.  Save the trash talking for a girls night.  If your date is worth your time, he’ll want to feel that he’s making you feel special.  And that you are open to exploring something new with a fresh and relaxed attitude.
  2. Connection: Women always underestimate how important a genuine connection is to a guy.  It’s easy to dismiss men as shallow.  The truth is very different.  When a single guy talks about the kind of woman he is looking for in terms of a committed relationship, he’s looking for someone engaging, bright and funny.  He wants to find a best friend and a lover.  Just like you do. If you want a first date to turn into a second, third, fourth…be yourself.
  3. Trust: When a single guy pictures himself in a long-term relationship, it’s the loss of freedom that can cause anxiety.  Not freedom to sleep with other women.  Or freedom to stay out until the early hours in dodgy bars.  It’s the freedom to retain friendships, hobbies, family ties, career goals.  The great thing is, most women want that kind of freedom too.  So it’s a win-win for couples who allow each other to breath.
  4. Attraction: Let’s be honest.  Women like a man to take care of himself.  They want to feel attracted to a date.  No-one wants a guy who turns up for a date looking as though he doesn’t care about himself, let alone anyone else.  It’s exactly the same for men.  Yes, beauty is only skin deep, but the easy glow of someone who has taken time to feel good themselves radiates a feel good factor.  It’s not superficial for a man to want to fancy a partner like crazy.  Women want that too.
  5. Understanding: The fundamental quality that all men are looking for in a woman is understanding.  We all want to be blessed with a partner who ‘gets’ us.  Relationships work best when two people put real effort into understanding and enriching each other’s lives.  They modify behaviours that need to change – without needing to be told – simply because they understand what the other needs.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process that takes time and patience.  Hang in there: acceptance is the most valuable gift human beings can exchange.

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Five Ways To Attract Your Perfect Partner This Summer

Five Ways To Attract Your Perfect Partner This Summer

As the days get longer and the sun becomes brighter, it’s hard not to yearn for someone special.  They say ‘every summer has a story’… here are five ways to attract YOUR perfect partner this summer:

  1. Let go of your preconceptions around ‘perfect’.  It’s not about meeting someone who is perfect on paper, it’s about meeting someone who feels perfect FOR YOU.  Chances are, you won’t fully understand what you are looking for in another person until you find it.  By dismissing possible new partners on the basis of preconceived ideas, you risk missing out on real and genuine love.  This summer, relax and ‘go with the flow’.
  2. Get a life.  Don’t sit at home on online dating sites or apps, start LIVING instead.  Arrange to meet friends, family, attend gigs, walk, paint, run, read.  Do whatever keeps you feeling stimulated and energised.  Ensure that when new people meet you, they are struck by that irresistible glow radiated by people who create a feel-good existence for themselves.
  3. Take care of yourself.  Yes, this may sound shallow, but think about it…what kind of people are you attracted to?  Chances are you’re looking for someone who exudes health and happiness.  You’re also likely to feel flattered if a first date makes an effort to look good.  Remember, it works both ways.
  4. Work on inner peace.  The more content and balanced you feel inside, the easier you will find it to attract love. Building resistance, or wanting something too desperately, often sabotages success.  Additionally, one of the nicest qualities a human being can display is the ability to let others be themselves.  Those who are at peace within, rarely feel the need to change or manipulate others.
  5. Know that you are already ‘whole’.  A partner will compliment the very best bits of you but will not ‘complete you’.  Understanding this fundamental truth will lessen the temptation to hold onto something that’s not right. Every relationship can teach us a lesson, but few are meant to last.  By freeing yourself from attachment to less than perfect bonds, you allow yourself the space to meet that incredible person who is perfect just for you.

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