Sadly we are now coming to the end of Summer 2013 and what a fabulous summer we have had this year. For all the sports fans among you we have celebrated Andy Murray’s championship win at Wimbledon and retaining the Ashes in the cricket series of Tests against Australia. I am sure everyone has enjoyed the wonderful weather and how the English countryside has looked at its very best for the last 2 months.

But now we are heading towards Autumn and Winter with those long dark nights and considerably cooler days. This is the time when everyone hopes to have a partner to cuddle up to when the weather is cold, enjoying long walks through the countryside kicking up the fallen leaves and maybe even collecting conkers as the hedgerows turn golden and then returning home, or visiting a country pub, for warming suppers and maybe a glass of wine.

If you are still single Searchmate would love to help you find that perfect partner to enjoy cosy autumn and winter evenings with. Throughout the summer we have had excellent numbers of new clients joining us and although we have created many happy couples we still have large numbers of unattached men and women who are waiting to meet “The One”. I have copied below a recently received email from one of our members, names changed of course for confidentiality, which illustrates how one of our Happy Couples are enjoying their new relationship.

Hi Toria, It’s a year tomorrow when Sam and I had our first introduction!! How time flies, thought I would send you a quick email to update you after all this time!

 We are having the time of our lives together, neither of us been so happy, off on our first holiday together to Adejhi, Tenerife beginning of September, can’t wait, although we spend 4/5 days a week with each other so I can’t visualise any probs being on holiday together, it only seems to get better if that’s possible utterly unbelievable!!

 I fell and broke my hip 10 weeks ago (whilst having a water fight with Sam in the kitchen) so it’s not all been plain sailing, and still battling with one crutch and physio! Have to take the blasted thing on holiday with us! These are the penalities you pay when you don’t act your age! But I tell you it was seriously worth it, saw a very different side to him whilst ill, very caring/loving person!

 So there we have it,hope you and the rest of the team are well at Searchmate?

Yours Sincerely,


At this time of year we can feel the cold and smell wood smoke in the air but here at Searchmate LOVE is ALWAYS in the air!