Is it safe to date online?

Is it safe to date online?

Is it safe to date online?

Is it safe to date online? If I had £1 for every time I have been asked this question I would be extremely wealthy.

In the week where yet again a man in the UK has been jailed for life for a crime relating to online dating. This time the murder of an innocent lady on the website Plenty of Fish, then we asked Julie Lazarus, Senior Membership Adviser at Searchmate for her views. Says Julie “I have to say unequivocally that – no it’s not safe and you must do so at your own peril.”

This time it was a sick and savage fantasist Carl Langdell, who had previously told his Psychiatric Nurse that he wanted to slash a ladies throat and that he was a monster, was jailed for life for the murder of the young teacher Katie Locke, in the grounds of the 4 Star, Theobalds Park Hotel, in Hertfordshire.

Julie continues “I am going to stop dressing this up and come right out and recommend that NO it is no longer safe to date online. The service that we offer at Searchmate is much safer for the following reasons”:

A Much Safer Option

  • All of our members are personally interviewed and vetted using one of the most comprehensive questionnaires in the UK
  • We have one of the most sophisticated authentication and verification systems in the dating industry
  • We attract people genuinely looking for a long term ongoing monogamous relationship
  • Our clients are usually from a professional, executive or business background
  • There is no online profile or photograph, your data is completely secure
  • You work one on one with a Personal Matchmaker. That we allocate to you on joining – someone with a thorough knowledge of our database.
  • We have our own leading edge matchmaking technology, designed specifically to be used by a Personal Matchmaker
  • We are a well established, professional company. With the largest team of Personal Matchmakers in the UK – come to our office and meet us if you wish.

Chat with Julie Today!

Julie continues further; “So please don’t take risks putting your life on the line by meeting people from the internet. Ring me today for a no obligation chat on our service and how it works on 0800 644 4160. Or chat to me through our chat technology on our homepage. There is no cost whatsoever for our advice or help initially. And our joining fees are amongst the most competitive in the industry. Or click here to leave your details and we’ll get back to you.”


Dating in the spring

Dating in the spring

Dating in the spring  

At last April has arrived and with it thoughts of dating in the spring! With the clocks going forward and the lighter evenings arriving we are all feeling a little more optimistic. If you are single you may find your thoughts turning to the possibility of finding a soul mate but how do you go about this? Some people may decide to join an online dating site, but this way does not suit everyone. Others may decide that they prefer the approach of a professional dating agency. At  we are committed to meeting and getting to know each of our clients personally so that we can significantly increase the chance of you finding that special someone.

Once you have selected the dating agency that you feel most comfortable with and begun the process of finding your soul mate you need to think about how to make a good impression on your first date.

Making a good impression

First of all, it is important that when you arrange a date you arrive on time. Make sure you have each other’s mobile number so that if you are delayed for any reason you can let the other person know what’s happening. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Secondly, do make an effort with your presentation and make sure you are well groomed and smartly dressed. You don’t have to be in your best suit or smartest dress but you do need to be clean and tidy; remember this is your chance to make a good first impression. It will make your date feel pleased that you have made an effort for them.

Things to bear in mind

Do not spend the whole date talking about your ex there really is nothing more off-putting. Be interested in your date, their lives and their job. Ask questions and listen to their replies. However, don’t monopolise the conversation leave them time to ask you questions. Be positive about yourself. In this way you are more likely to come across as a happy, confident individual and therefore more likely to appeal to your date.

What about a venue?

Finally, clients frequently ask where they should go on their first date. There is no right or wrong answer. You and your date should agree somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. It doesn’t always have to be a meal at a fancy restaurant which some people may find intimidating. Consider a cup of coffee, a trip to the cinema which will give you a shared experience and something to talk about on your next date or a lovely walk in the countryside (even better if one of you has a dog). And finally at the end of the date do say if you have enjoyed yourself. Don’t keep your date guessing. Make it clear that you had a good time and that you would be happy to see them again.

Our Range of Black Tie Balls For Singles

Our Range of Black Tie Balls For Singles

Black Tie Balls in the UK’s finest hotels

If you’re looking for stylish and upmarket singles events and the opportunity to meet a higher calibre partner than you might find on online dating sites, our new range of Black Tie Events, Dinner Parties and Black Tie Balls at some of the UK’s finest venues could be just what you’re looking for.

And maybe the recent exposure of online dating by the BBC’s Panorama programme has unnerved you about meeting people via the internet. False profiles, people using photographs of celebrities, data of an extremely personal nature being bought and sold, teams of people using fake profiles preying on new joiners and sending false matches to force them to pay, was the horror story described by Panorama. When you add to this a lack of background checks being required for online dating in the UK, and fraud levels running at $63,000,000 worldwide, it really has become a concern.

As another alternative to on line dating worthy of consideration we have a series of five singles Dinner Parties now arranged in the following locations: Manchester (Salford Quays), Harrogate, London, Cheltenham and Buxton.

And three Black Tie Events for New Year, Valentine’s and Spring 2014, in Cheshire, London and Blackpool.

So all top quality singles events at some of the UK’s finest hotels located right across the country, with more to be added shortly.

So if meeting face to face is what you had hoped to try (we believe that finding out whether there is that vital chemistry is a critically important first step), then we’d love to tell you more about them.

You can find full details at the When the Music Stops site by clicking here or you can phone us  free on 0800 64 44 160

We’d love to hear from you!

Exclusive single events for stylish singles

Exclusive single events for stylish singles

A range of exclusive dinner parties for stylish singles around the UK

Are you looking to meet a stylish and attractive, professional partner?

If so the Searchmate service doesn’t just stop with exclusive memberships and high quality personal introductions but now extends to executive events too, through our sister company When the Music Stops, the dating events arm of Searchmate.

Whilst we hope that there will be lots more sun to come in August, with the holiday season at its busiest but as the nights draw in and there is a chill in the air in the evenings, then what could be nicer than an overnight stay at a beautifully elegant, country house hotel, with fine dining and a glass or two of wine?

If you agree that it all sounds very appealing, then we have a range of singles events for you to choose from, all around the country, in some of the finest and most prestigious hotels in the UK.

They’re all arranged for Friday evenings, so you can relax and hopefully not have to worry about work in the morning and they all represent excellent value too,

After all of the bad news about online dating in 2013, this is something very different, where you will get the chance to meet a group of like minded singles of both sexes and maybe someone really special too but with no pressure at all – just a great social occasion for you to enjoy.

During the evening the gentlemen move around the table (between courses), so that everyone gets the chance to meet everyone else and there is a meaningful chance to chat.

Have a look at the range of exclusive events currently available and keep checking as a Birmingham based event and a London one will be added over the next week or so.

Our range of Dinner Party events are as follows:

Sorry – No events are currently planned due to the pandemic restrictions.

We’d love to have you as part of it when all returns to normal , but tickets sell fast, so please book right away!