Finding compatibility when dating

Finding compatibility when dating

Finding compatibility when dating

If you’re single and looking, then part of the fun for many of us, is going out on dates and meeting new people – it’s a brilliant opportunity and part of the pleasure and benefits of being single. But finding compatibility when dating is important too, we want your dates to be exciting and enjoyable rather than a trial or something you’d be tempted to escape through a toilet window to avoid.

There are lots of ways to determine if you and your date are compatible to create a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Many factors should also be considered such as individual commonality, interests and personality. Nowadays, magazines, newspapers and the internet provide convenient ways for couples to assess if they are really compatible. However, the best way to determine compatibility is to reflect on our personal needs and wants when it comes to dating.

Assessing Compatibility

If you want to assess compatibility, you need to know yourself first. This is easier if you are aware of what type of personality your partner should have. What do you want from your future boyfriend or girlfriend? You can start by thinking it through and making a list. Of course, you do not have to limit your search by the standards you created. You should be open-minded in looking for a match. Remember that the most important thing is finding someone who can share a bond with you.

Find a person who can understand you and enjoy a good conversation with. If they happen to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie then it’s a bonus. Are similarities in beliefs, likes and dislikes important? Yes, of course they are, however, you need to consider several factors. Sometimes, feelings of love, desrie and acceptance are so strong that you are willing to put your differences aside, without further thought. But it does happen rarely!

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Does He Love Me? Does He Not?

Does He Love Me? Does He Not?

Does he love me? Does he not?

What are those killer signs that a man is falling in love within a relationship? What does he do and what does he begin to do differently, if this is the real thing and he is falling for you? Here at Searchmate we take an in depth look at does he love me? Does he not? And those little tell-tale signs that a man is changing his behaviour and beginning to fall in love.

He texts you first

This little gesture is so important to a woman but is something that men often forget to do if they’re busy. He wants to get to the office early and so doesn’t always have time to stop off and say good morning to you. When you start to regularly get that first text however, it’s a sign that things are changing and that his feelings for you may well be becoming more serious too!

He wants to introduce you to family and friends

This really is a big step for a man, his friends and what they think of him is a very big consideration, he worries about his macho image and his ‘street cred’, so if he thinks enough of you to overcome these fears then this relationship could well be going somewhere. Likewise with his family – if he is willing to introduce you to mom and dad, his siblings or his children, it’s a wonderful sign that he is falling for you.

You detect a little jealousy

We feel it is a good sign if in certain situations you can detect that he feels a little jealousy. Nothing too intense and dramatic, just a smidgeon maybe, but if it’s there then perhaps he is beginning to feel quite intense about you and love could be blossoming.

 He talks about the future

Men are not always good at planning ahead, so if he talks of the future, wanting to plan a holiday together or how you both might be 5 or 10 years down the line – it’s a tremendous positive, that you’re being included in his plans or that he’d at least like to. This relationship looks like it is developing legs!

He is protective towards you

If you’re out with friends or are driving home from work late into the evening, with no plans to see each other, it’s a great sign that he wants to make sure that you’re home safely. So if you get that late night text or phone call just checking that you’re back safely, it’s a sure sign he has feelings.

So are you getting the right vibes? Is he or she the one? Well we hope so, if not and you’re searching for that special partner, give us a ring on at our expense on 0800 644 4160, we are open 9am until 9pm everyday.


First Date Advice – Letting Someone Know You’re Not Interested

First Date Advice – Letting Someone Know You’re Not Interested

How To Let Someone Know Politely After The First Date You’re Not Interested – First Date Advice

A first date is one of those social encounters that is designed to test the waters a bit.

The point is to meet the person, spend some one-on-one time with them and then see if there is a connection, sexual chemistry and the possibility of it developing into something deeper in the future.

Sometimes though it just doesn’t go according to plan or how you’d hoped it would and we hope that our first date advice will help you deal with this situation…

You go out and meet your date, you are intrigued initially and they even like you. You are thinking that they seem like a great person and could be someone worth developing a relationship with in the future.

Then the feeling of nothing sets in.

What we mean by this is a complete indifference. You finish the date, maybe even wait until the next day but there is that feeling of indifference.

However, you know for a fact that they like you more than you like them so what can you do?

How can you break it to that person without crushing them?

The easiest way to handle this and our first date advice is to simply be honest with your feelings.

There is no need for silly tricks or tactics as some dating experts who provide first date advice may have you believe.

All you need to do is be open, honest and upfront with them about your own feelings.

So here is what you do and you can modify the following script as you see fit.

This script is not cut and dry, it’s simply a guideline you can follow and here is what you say.

“Hey, I’m really glad we got to meet and spend some time together but I just didn’t feel that romantic connection and chemistry with you. I’m really sorry but I want to be honest and tell you now rather than lead you on.”

No need for silly tricks, just simple considerate and respectful honesty.

Sure it’s going to be hard and they will be disappointed but if you take this approach we can guarantee that they are going to respect you so much for it and you’ll come off as a great person.

Are You Too Busy For Love?

Are You Too Busy For Love?

In life there are two types of people who are too busy for love.

The first type is someone who is so busy with career and life commitments that they don’t even have time to find a great person for love.

The second type isn’t too busy to find time love. Instead, they are already either dating someone or are in a relationship but they are so busy that they struggle to make time for their partner.

So in this post we are going to be looking at how to deal with both types of situations.

To deal with the first situation you need to change your approach. If going out two or three times per week to social events where you can potentially meet new people is too much given your other life commitments then you need a new approach.

In this instance it may be beneficial for you to try personal introductions and matchmaking.

A personal matchmaker will work with you to get an idea of who your dream partner is and they will find potential partners for you by using a database full of singles throughout the UK.

This is the best way you can approach this problem if you really do struggle to find the time for dating and meeting new people.

The second type of situation is because you haven’t made spending time with your partner a priority in your life.

If you set it as a priority, even in your own mind, then you’ll certainly be able to find time to spend with your partner. There is a specific reason you started dating your partner so remember what it was and make the time for them.

If you don’t dedicate time to your partner and strengthening the relationship then it will eventually grow weaker and you’ll both grow apart from each other.

These are the two most common problems relating to being too busy for love. Take a look at your own love life and you may find that these circumstances apply to you. If so, follow our advice and hopefully you’ll be able to find time for love again.

This is an important area of your life so make sure you dedicate time for it. Happiness and a great life shared with someone special is much more rewarding than being alone.

Want To Know The Topics Of Conversation That Ruin A First Date?

Want To Know The Topics Of Conversation That Ruin A First Date?

Want To Know The Topics Of Conversation That Ruin A First Date?

There are certain topics that are guaranteed to ruin a first date.

You may have made them at least once or maybe more in the past. If you bring any of these topics up you are going to kill any attraction that exists between the two of you and any hope of a second date.

So what are the topics you must avoid at all costs on a first date?

Read on.

  1. Previous relationships – This is a topic that will come up eventually but certainly not one to talk about on a first date. It is an instant mood killer when someone starts talking about their last relationship and begins dumping all their emotional baggage onto the table. Save it for further into the relationship.
  2. Politics and current affairs – Politics is such a divisive field it shouldn’t be brought up on a first date because it can potentially create a large divide between both people. Current affairs is similar although you can talk about current affairs but don’t go overboard because it also has the potential to create massive division on a first date.
  3. Finances – Don’t start talking about any debts you may have or other financial difficulties you may be experiencing. On the flipside, don’t start bragging about it if you have a lot of money. Many people will judge based on economic status and they’ll do it quickly on a first date if you bring up money immediately. Save this topic for further into the relationship.
  4. Getting married and having children – This is one of the biggest mood killers of all. This should be common sense but unfortunately it’s not. No one wants to know that you want to marry them and have kids with them on the first date. It is creepy and will scare many people off.

A lot of these should be common sense but they’re not so pay attention and make sure you don’t venture into these topics on a first date.