Dating… Expectations VS Reality

Dating… Expectations VS Reality

Most people have great expectations about how their new date is going to pan out. You will meet, look into each other’s eyes, feel that special ‘knowing’ and boom, you will fall in love instantly. The conversation will flow effortlessly; you will sit there thinking ‘How come I have not met you before’ and you will feel like you have known one another for a life time, rather than a moment. Its way better than one of those childhood fairy tales isn’t it? Let’s look into it a bit. Dating… Expectations VS Reality

Have you ever met a date and in a split second wondered ‘why am I here, why did I agree to have this date!’ Awkward body language, small talk and knowing looks of the wrong kind make you want to run and hide. You try so hard not to but you find yourself clock watching and then you make an excuse to leave early because of some sort of ‘emergency’.

Should you have expectations? Are they useful?

What’s wrong with treating each new date as a new opportunity to meet a unique individual and arrive with NO expectations at all?! At least it eliminates the chance of disappointment and allows you to just enjoy yourself, whether it’s meant to be or not.

Why can’t we all live more fully in the moment and cherish that life is about blessings and lessons? At the end of the day we’ll never know which it is unless we try. So try taking your next date as it comes. If it doesn’t work out, oh well! Move on to the next date.

Surely it’s more helpful to us to enjoy our experience by having no particular expectations than to have too many positive or negative ones, that’s not great at all is it?

Enjoy life and have fun!