Why The Coronavirus Crisis Is Reminding Us How To Be Human

Why The Coronavirus Crisis Is Reminding Us How To Be Human

Why The Coronavirus Has Caused Us To Swap ‘FOMO’ For ‘EMOL’

Think back to a time when the world looked very different. A social anxiety known as ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) had become acknowledged as a real thing. FOMO sufferers felt a need to continuously stay connected to what other people were doing. As a result, real-life families, friends and couples were becoming distanced from each other. It was what ‘other people’ were doing that held real interest. This was a time when social media, and not the coronavirus, held all the power. This was the mental and emotional distancing of ourselves from those close to us.

Fast forward to now and the truth is, ‘other people’ really aren’t doing very much at all. The celebrities we once watched travelling the world are now reduced to trying to make their back gardens look enviable. Most of us are realising that, actually, we’re much happier focusing on our own lives and our own loved ones. Any-one with any sense is replacing FOMO for EMOL (Enjoying My Own Life).

“The Thrills and Spills Have Gone”

Genuine closeness and understanding from the ‘real people’ in our lives now means everything. When Amanda Holden uploaded a picture of herself mowing the lawn in her wedding dress, as an attempt to gain attention from her ‘followers’, many of us felt nothing but pity. It’s hard to pretend we’re anything that we’re not when on 24 hour lock-down with our loved ones. The thrills and spills have gone. Relationships are about patience, kindness and a willingness to be someone else’s safe place. We’re grateful for the new routines and rituals our loved ones have helped us to form. We’re grateful that someone still finds us endearing, even when they can’t escape us.

The only contact we have with strangers are meetings of empathetic eyes above a face-mask in a supermarket queue. Silently, afraid to breathe the same air, we reassure others that ‘We’re in this together’. And then, dart away as quickly as possible. However, the joy these simple smiles bring, from people we’d never have looked up from our phones for before, reminds us that whatever restrictions the coronavirus crisis imposes upon us, we share the same hopes. We all want everyone to be okay. And, we want to come out of this treasuring the one irreplaceable thing we were on the verge of losing: the joy of being human. This is not a time to watch other people live their lives. It’s about working out how to let authentic love, in all its forms, into our own lives.

Our experienced and friendly membership advisers are available to share an informal chat about how finding love during this time of uncertainty is still possible.

Dating in 2018: Why It’s Time To Get Real

Dating in 2018: Why It’s Time To Get Real

Looking for love in 2018?  Find out why dating is about to get real…

It’s Over For Game-Players

2017 was a year of secrets revealed and slipping masks.  Most notably, world leaders and political systems were exposed as never before.  Furthermore, the entertainment industry – a place where the truth had been hushed up for years – held its hands up to gross misuses of power.  Communities were forced to confront their harshest truths.  Subsequently, our own personal relationships fell under the microscope.  Only the strongest survived.

What Will Single People Be Looking For in 2018?

Authenticity will be key in 2018.  As a result, dating apps and online agencies without ID checks will become less appealing.  Single men and women no longer want to brush off awkward and potentially dangerous situations.  Dating will be about accepting your true self.  Consequently, you’ll be looking for honesty in a partner.

Is the Dating Industry Ready For Change?

Change is exactly what the Dating Agency Association and its members have been pushing for.  As a result, Searchmate is thrilled to be able to offer the largest client list of ID checked single men and women in the UK.  We know that authenticity is key.  Our clients recoil at the thought of putting themselves at risk.  Therefore, we help them to build relationships based on trust from the get-go.

Contact our experienced and friendly membership advisers on 0800 644 4160 for an informal chat about how we can help you to find authentic love, 9am – 9pm, every day.



Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Start Looking For Love

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Start Looking For Love

Summer is now officially upon us and you know what that means?

It means that it’s now time to get out there and start looking for love!

The summer weather is the best time to get out there and take some positive steps looking for love and towards creating the love life you’ve always wanted. We know that it’s not always easy to find a dream partner.

In fact, there are times when it can even seem hopeless and you’ll want to give up.

However, the sunshine we have now in the UK is the best time to get back out there and start looking and here’s why.

  1. People are in a good mood – It’s well demonstrated that the cold, dark miserable weather we get in the UK doesn’t create good moods in people. Sun and blue skies on the other hand create positive moods and vibes and makes people want to have some fun.
  1. It’s better for meeting people – As alluded to in the previous point, the sunny weather creates positive moods and vibes in people, therefore people are more open to the idea of romance. If that’s not a good enough reason to get back out there meeting new people then who knows what is.
  1. It’s perfect for dating – Summer creates so many great opportunities for dating. There are many great dating ideas for the outdoors such as parks, rivers, beach, lakes and so much more. The ideas for summer are just endless and it’s also the perfect time for planning a weekend away.

So now we have gone through some reasons why summer is perfect for dating, looking for love and meeting new people it’s time for you to get back out there and start looking for love. Summer is only once per year so how about making the most of it.

Managing Expectations When Looking For Love

Managing Expectations When Looking For Love

Managing Expectations When Looking For Love

If you are ready to meet a great partner then it’s important you set some realistic expectations because many people tend to have unrealistic expectations when looking for a great partner. The problem is that these unrealistic expectations can have a dramatic impact on your ability to find a great partner. What’s worse is that you may not even realise they are having such a negative impact on your search for a great partner.

There are few things to keep in mind to help you manage your expectations when looking for a partner:

  1. Don’t make this the sole focus of your life – It’s important you focus on living a great, healthy lifestyle. When you make looking for a partner the sole focus of your life it comes across as desperate. Focusing on other areas of your life is also crucial for maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and this is also more attractive to the opposite sex.
  1. First impressions don’t always matter – You may meet someone with this preconceived idea in your mind about them. Then you meet them and the reality is drastically different. However, keep this in check because first impressions don’t always matter and they could be an amazing person.
  1. There is no such thing as perfect – Although we would like a perfect partner they don’t exist. You are also not perfect so it’s important to make sure that you don’t have such an unrealistic expectation about anyone you date.
  1. Take things slowly – Develop the intimacy with whomever you are dating. The more intimacy you develop then the better the relationship will be in the long term.

These are a few of the most important expectations to manage when looking for a new partner. Going out and meeting new people is exciting but you need to be realistic about what you want, and the people you are meeting to have any realistic chance of meeting a great partner.

This way you will be far more likely to meet someone you will be compatible with.

Why A Trusted Dating Agency Is Better Than Online Dating

Why A Trusted Dating Agency Is Better Than Online Dating

Why A Trusted Dating Agency Is Better Than Online Dating

The online dating industry is huge and with this has come many lonely singles who are desperate to find someone to share their life with. Whilst it is great that the internet has provided another avenue for people to meet, there have also been some very noticeable pitfalls as well. Some of the most common pitfalls associated with online dating is things like fraud, fake profiles, meeting someone who is different to their profile, and various other pitfalls.

These pitfalls now mean that anyone looking to find love in this way needs to display extra precautions. You could take extra precautions with online dating if you choose but there is a far better way, a way that makes much more sense if you are looking for love. The easiest thing you could do is turn to a trusted dating agency. In the online world trust is one of the most important things. This is even more relevant in the online world because all you have to go by is their profiles.

And this is where many of the problems arise from online dating. When all you have to rely on is a profile there is much room for deception and fraud. There are fake profiles and people who claim to be someone else online that they aren’t in real life. However, with a trusted dating agency this is something you’ll never have to worry about. Here at Searchmate we like to do things differently to give you the best possible chance at finding someone special to share your life with.

Everyone who comes to us goes through a personal vetting process so we can ensure that they are who they say they are. New members must also be interviewed by our staff before we accept their membership into our service. What this means for you is trust and peace of mind, the kind of trust and peace of mind that you won’t get with any online dating.

We go one step further than that though because we team you up with an experienced matchmaker who will work with you intensively to make sure that you are matched with people who you are compatible with, are genuine, and are also looking for what you’re looking for. This is a far more effective way to meet a partner than through online dating.

Online dating is very hit and miss, you basically never know what you are going to get. With our matchmakers you actually get value for money and a genuine shot at meeting someone who you can spend your life with. This is why a trusted dating agency is such a better option compared to online dating.