Dating in 2018: Why It’s Time To Get Real

Dating in 2018: Why It’s Time To Get Real

Looking for love in 2018?  Find out why dating is about to get real…

It’s Over For Game-Players

2017 was a year of secrets revealed and slipping masks.  Most notably, world leaders and political systems were exposed as never before.  Furthermore, the entertainment industry – a place where the truth had been hushed up for years – held its hands up to gross misuses of power.  Communities were forced to confront their harshest truths.  Subsequently, our own personal relationships fell under the microscope.  Only the strongest survived.

What Will Single People Be Looking For in 2018?

Authenticity will be key in 2018.  As a result, dating apps and online agencies without ID checks will become less appealing.  Single men and women no longer want to brush off awkward and potentially dangerous situations.  Dating will be about accepting your true self.  Consequently, you’ll be looking for honesty in a partner.

Is the Dating Industry Ready For Change?

Change is exactly what the Dating Agency Association and its members have been pushing for.  As a result, Searchmate is thrilled to be able to offer the largest client list of ID checked single men and women in the UK.  We know that authenticity is key.  Our clients recoil at the thought of putting themselves at risk.  Therefore, we help them to build relationships based on trust from the get-go.

Contact our experienced and friendly membership advisers on 0800 644 4160 for an informal chat about how we can help you to find authentic love, 9am – 9pm, every day.



Are You Suffering From Dating Fatigue?

Are You Suffering From Dating Fatigue?

Dating fatigue is a term used to describe people who feel sick and tired with dating. This is actually more common than you think and it’s a result of people who have endured may struggles with dating, therefore they end up feeling disheartened by the whole process.

We all know that finding the right person to be with is not easy and it comes with many trials and tribulations. For many people they endure so many failures and setbacks with dating that they tend to give up on the whole thing. It’s no surprise either when there is so much poor advice on dating available now and then there are poor dating methods.

How can you get past this feeling of dating fatigue?

There are a number of things you could do. First, you should examine what you are currently doing to meet the right person and also look at what you’ve done previously. The reality is that many of the setbacks people experience with dating are because of the methods they used to meet new people.

When you use dating methods that aren’t optimised for you to meet the right person you can become frustrated and think that nobody likes you, and that it’s just not worth it. It’s also important that you remain focused on yourself to, focused on being an amazing person and living a great life. The other factor involves the dating methods you use to meet new people.

Personal introductions and matchmaking is a proven way to meet the right person because it’s such a highly targeted process, and you know you are meeting people who are likeminded and want the same things as you so it’s perfect overall.

If you want the best chance yet of meeting the right person then get in touch with us today and put an end to dating frustrations forever.

Elite Dating Made Simple And Easy

Elite Dating Made Simple And Easy

Elite Dating Made Simple And Easy

If you are someone who is of a high social standing and a working professional you are no doubt going to want someone who is of a similar ilk to you. However, it can be tough to find someone who is quite like you in today’s busy world but it’s important you do if you want to have a lasting relationship with someone. If you are someone who is a high calibre member of society then it makes sense that you would want to date someone who is similar to that. You will have a greater connection with them and there is that shared understanding.


However, you may also find it tough going and feel unsure about how to meet people of this calibre. Luckily there is an easy way that you can do this where you can meet the exact kind of people you are after, and you can do so in a way that is safe and discrete. This is exactly what we can offer you at Searchmate. Using our personal introductions service you’ll be introduced to other people who are from a professional background and in a high social standing.


Using our service means you’ll never have to worry about time wasters that are so common on online dating sites. You’ll get time wasters, fake profiles, and even end up meeting someone in real life and they turn out to be different to the way they portrayed themselves online.


You’ll never have to worry about these kinds of issues when you are a member of our service because we take it very seriously what kind of people are accepted into our membership. Our personal matchmakers will only match you up with people whom we think are a great fit for you. After that it’s up to you and your potential partner to decide if you want to take things further.


Just think about how much easier and convenient this is compared to your typical online dating. We offer for an efficient and effective dating service for anyone of a high social standing who wants to find a partner that they can share their life with.