Cases Of Romance Fraud In The UK

Cases Of Romance Fraud In The UK

You have probably heard of the term ‘romance fraud’ by now but if not, what is it?

Well, romance fraud is when someone becomes the victim of an online dating scam. In many cases, one member steals money from another member of an online dating site after they have deceived the other member.

The biggest concern here is that these cases of romance fraud are not isolated incidents. There are a number of cases of romance fraud throughout the UK and they have all resulted in a lot of trauma for the victims involved. If you are not well informed on romance fraud you may be wondering how this is even possible, and how it unfolds.

Well, to put it simply the fraudster will deceive the other member of the online dating site into thinking they are someone they are not. They win their trust, confidence, and they basically prey on the other person’s vulnerability. From there they end up asking for a sum of money and the fraud begins.

So how does this even happen? Well, it happens mostly because of a lack of vetting by members of online dating sites. Anyone can join an online dating site and whilst this ease of use and accessibility is great and appeals to a lot of people – it also comes with its downside. And it’s a major downside and that is that unsavoury characters end up on these sites.

These are the people that engage in fraudulent behaviour, and it costs people their money and dignity. So the biggest question now becomes, do you really want to risk this? Do you really want to risk meeting these kinds of people?

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