Our Matchmaker in the North West – meet Ysanne Seddon

Our Matchmaker in the North West – meet Ysanne Seddon

Ysanne – your friend in the dating business in North West England

The world of dating can be a cruel place to be sometimes.

And if you’re new to it or have already had bad experiences it can be very intimidating and that old adage ‘once bitten, twice shy’ can be very apt in the circumstances. So sometimes perhaps a friend in dating could be a very good thing.

The major problem in the UK is that there is currently no requirement at all by law for any sort of background checks on people taking part in dating and that leaves many people in a very vulnerable position indeed, especially with online dating, where anyone can be anything to anybody, without any checks whatsoever.

Which means that people with criminal records, convictions for fraud, sexual offences or violence are free to complete a profile on dating sites just as freely as anyone else. And they frequently do.

So if you’ve been a target in the past, asked for money, or been a victim of violence, it’s nice to know that there actually is an alternative and that Searchmate DO make thorough checks on people before they are allowed to join and that there is help and advice available throughout your membership with us, if it’s ever needed through one of our professional Matchmakers.

In the North West of England that person is Ysanne Seddon, our Personal Matchmaker in the North West.

Ysanne has a great knowledge of the dating marketplace and its pitfalls and hurdles and if you live in Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire or Cumbria then she is the lady who would visit and guide you through your membership options and answer everything you need to know about Searchmate and our high quality personal introductions in the North West region.

To make contact with Ysanne and arrange an appointment in your locality, ring us on 0800 466 4160 or email us at [email protected]