Testimonials from clients

Testimonials from clients

Searchmate is an introductions agency of the highest calibre and we operate across the whole of the UK.  But recently we asked our clients for testimonials – why is the Searchmate concept so successful? This is the feedback that we received, which has helped us understand the clients perspective more comprehensively, what makes us successful and why so many people around Great Britain entrust one of the most important decisions of their lives to Searchmate. Here are some of the reasons for the success we have enjoyed over the years and the views of some of the clients who have used us.

We asked for testimonials – why is the Searchmate concept so Successful? 

Here is the feedback we received from the clients that responded.


Searchmate has been around as a company since 1998 and has always operated at a national level, so our data base is truly large and covers every corner of the UK. This is important in the world of dating an introductions as it provides choice and means that largely we have someone special for everyone.


Our concept of an experienced and highly trained Personal Matchmaker working with you during the lifetime of your membership is an excellent one and really works. The dating industry has changed over recent years, particularly for those who have been using online dating. With online dating fraud being one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK and the BBC’s Panorama programme exposing that fake profiles probably run into their millions, just in this country, it’s jungle out there in many instances. So why risk your future happiness and prosperity with the wrong calibre of people?

 Interviewed and vetted matches

In a less than perfect world, why take risks? Rather than laying yourself open to unscrupulous people, who may be using photographs that are years out of date, exaggerating their income level or social status, why not allow us to check and verify as genuine every match that we put you in touch with? All of our client base has been ID checked and interviewed, so that we know that they are exactly who they say they are.

The right level of fees

Whilst we believe in offering great value for money, our fees are at the right level to ensure that we only attract people of the right calibre. This is a service where we are searching for your potential life partner after all and that could not and should not be done on the cheap. The Searchmate process is worth a modest level of investment, but is realistically within the reach of most professional people of the calibre that we are seeking.

Discreet and professional

Right from your very first contact with us, the Searchmate service will be totally professional and you can be assured of absolute discretion too. Never in our history have we passed profiles to other organisations or sent client details to another member that could be identified without your expressed permission. Our service is 100% confidential and our records are held off line, they could never be accessed by other members or members of the public without our knowledge.

What do others think – our testimonials

Stephen, aged 38 from Kent.

Searchmate client 8“I must confess that Searchmate did a superb job for me, as a Dating Agency of very high standards. I was impressed by the whole service and how I was treated by Sacha, my Personal Matchmaker from Day 1. I felt that it was professional, discreet (which was tremendously important to me as a business owner) and I always felt in control and confident about where this was heading, with no highly public profile on the internet either. I met Sarah, who resides in Hornchurch, Essex, on introduction number 3 and we hit it off immediately, we are still together 2 years on and are engaged now, planning to marry a year in May. Thank you for a superb service Searchmate, I thoroughly recommend and endorse the quality service that you provide”.

Adrienne, aged 42 from South London.

Searchmate client 6“This was all about discretion and integrity for me. I had tried internet dating and felt very bitter about what had happened to me, as all I seemed to find was a procession of sexual predators, only after one thing. I am in a professional job and I need to be careful about my reputation and frankly I didn’t enjoy what was happening to me on online dating sites. I visited the Searchmate office to meet the team and was treated so warmly and professionally by Mary, my Personal Matchmaker. Mary advised me so well and the whole experience has been a very good one. I’m now with John, who lives in West Sussex, and we have been together 7 months, he is a very attractive man and also from a professional background. I feel very happy currently and would thoroughly recommend the service afforded me by Searchmate.”

Pauline, aged 52 from Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Searchmate client 1“I had all but given up on dating as the experiences I was obtaining from Online Dating were not acceptable to me. It was all too casual and didn’t sit comfortably with me, I just seemed to be meeting a steady stream of scoundrels and cheats, wherever I looked online and quite frankly the new style ‘relationship sites were as bad as the rest. Then I found Searchmate, when I searched under ‘quality dating and personal introductions agency’ on the Search Engines and I am so glad I did. They are a very professional introductions agency and right from the day I met with Sacha I felt comfortable and that this was the way forward. I am now with Peter, a true gentleman who is from North Wales and we have been inseparable over the last year, I can’t thank Searchmate enough or find words to describe how well and professionally I was treated.”


 Tony, aged 60 from Aberdeen, Scotland

Searchmate 9“I have been a career person for most of my life and my wife left me in 2006 as I was devoting too much time to work related tasks, I wish she had told me how she felt but she didn’t ever communicate her feelings. I had believed that the trappings of success and a high flying career was what she wanted, until I came home and our lovely house had been cleared. I felt it was the end of the world for me. I started dating again in 2009 after a suitable period of grieving and joined Searchmate, as I quite simply couldn’t afford and felt horrified by my photographs and intimate personal details appearing on a highly public profile on an online dating site. Which appears to have been completely vindicated following the Information Commission’s crackdown on online dating sites. In January of 2011 and many dates, that just didn’t give me the necessary spark, I met Jennifer, another long term Searchmate client from a village near Inverness, we became inseparable very quickly and fell in love. It’s the most wonderful feeling imaginable and my feelings for her far exceed anything I felt in my marriage. I just didn’t know this level of incredible happiness was possible but Searchmate proved that it most definitely is. Thanks so much to all of the team that have helped me and Jenny achieve this.”