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Why Use Personal Introductions

Why should I choose a personal introductions agency to find a new partner? There was a time when personal service, care and attentiveness meant something, Searchmate was born in that era and we still hold firmly to these values. These somewhat old fashioned principles of client care, understanding client needs and providing a friendly ear will always be very important to us and our clients. But maybe in the past you haven’t known enough about personal introductions?

In the light of the recent, ongoing negative publicity about online dating on TV and in the national press, we are getting a large volume of enquiries from potential clients, who simply do not wish to risk having their confidential private and very personal information and photographs, accessible to all and sundry on the internet.

If you add this to the fact that many online sites have recently received warning letters from the Information Commission about the security of their data and the fairness/transparency of their terms and conditions, plus the fact that online dating fraud is running at record levels in the UK, it seems that many people just do not want to risk very public and easily accessed internet sites any longer.Personal introductions are a credible, safer and more confidential alternative that have become an incredibly popular way of meeting high quality potential partners


Your Personal Matchmaker

Searchmate offers a service where our expert Personal Matchmakers act as your guide throughout your membership with us. You will have a confidante and friendly support to help find your new life partner. Searchmate attracts attractive, active professionals, academics, senior and middle managers, business people and entrepreneurs, who value their own time, discretion and privacy. Our clients are often secure in their lives but are just missing the perfect partner to make their life complete and do not have the time to devote to the niceties of finding someone personally.

How It Used to Be

Meeting someone was a lot simpler for most of us when we look back to our school, university or college days but as we grow a little older the opportunities for us to find the right person do decrease significantly. Whilst the advent and growth of internet dating sites has taken away much of the taboo of asking for help with finding a partner and doing something proactive about it, you may well have found that these sites are just not the best option for you. Particularly in the light of the bad publicity around online dating sites and the exposure by BBC TV’s flagship Panorama and CrimewatchUK programmes along with significant coverage in the press.

Above all we are acutely aware that when taking the first steps to meet someone new, particularly if you have recently come out of a long relationship or marriage, it can seem quite daunting. However, with our professional support you will be able to easily take those first steps on a journey that could change your life and bring that partner you have always dreamed of.

So Completely Different to Online Dating

You may choose to begin your personal introductions Searchmate membership with a face to face interview at our office or in your own home. Some prefer a telephone consultation which keeps costs considerably lower. Whichever method you choose to start your membership with us there will be a very strong human element. Courtesy of our Personal Matchmaking team. It is vastly different to dating online. With our personal introductions service you are never alone in your journey to find the right partner. And you are not left to search through thousands of dating profiles that you may not believe nor trust.

Your Profile Written for You

We will expertly write your profile for you and add your photographs. The whole process is taken care of by us from the beginning. The personal introductions service that we offer you is very comprehensive. Supporting you in finding the right partner for a potentially loving and lasting relationship.

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