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Large Database

We attract large numbers of professionals throughout the UK. Our database reflects this.

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Premium Service

Our affordable, personal introductions packages are for a premium level of service that we have developed over many years but still offer fantastic value compared to our competitors.

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Alternative Approach

Our biggest differentiator is having a human at the heart of the matching process, seeking that special someone for you. No more automated matches with people you are unsure about.

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Join Our Friendly, Personal Dating Agency:

Joining Searchmate is a very simple process, starting with an informal chat with our membership adviser, Jenny, who is very knowledgeable and has helped literally thousands of people to find love during her career with us. If you’re looking for a dating agency led by friendly, caring professionals, who are happy to put the client first, then Searchmate is the right choice for you.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the dating industry and are on your side. They are happy to offer sensible, easy-to-understand, and straightforward advice, without any obligation whatsoever, and it all starts with a phone call to our head office or the completion of our contact form.

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Meet Jenny

Our Membership Adviser

Since joining Searchmate as a membership adviser, Jenny has helped many people to choose the right level of membership for them. Prior to joining Searchmate, Jenny had spent her working career in the travel industry. Living and working overseas in various countries has given Jenny the skills and experience to be able to create relationships quickly.

In her role as membership adviser, she enjoys meeting new people daily, whether on the telephone, over a video call, or in the comfort of their own home. Jenny is a fantastic listener, always managing to get the best out of people, gaining their trust from the outset with her patience, and using her caring nature at this very important stage of their lives.

Jenny was born in London but is now living in Surrey. She is from a Greek background and shows respect for both family and those around her, with strong family values and a great work ethic. She appreciates that these traits can also be vital to those searching for that perfect partner. Jenny has a son in his 20s, and her experience of life’s ups and downs has helped her to understand clients’ needs for all age groups, and having also been widowed herself, she understands how it feels to lose a partner, but has now found love once more, and is once again in a happy relationship.

With fraud growing at an exponential rate on online dating platforms, Jenny knows how important it is to keep people safe, which is always her top priority here at Searchmate. We know that people will be looking for genuine and honest individuals who are looking for a lasting, long-term relationship. The interview process is fundamental to our members and can put people at ease knowing that the individuals they are matched with are 100% who they say they are.

Jenny is looking forward to having a casual chat with you so she can hear your story, and then assist you in choosing the right membership option that suits your particular needs. She believes that if what you have been doing so far to meet others has not worked, to not waste any more valuable time. Take a new direction, and let our personal matchmaking service at Searchmate dating agency help you find that special someone.

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Meet Liz

Membership Adviser

Liz brings a wealth of experience (since early 2014) to Avenues Dating. Her professional approach as a Membership Adviser combines intelligence, warmth, and genuine care. She recognises the importance of taking time with new clients. Liz will explain how Avenues offers a secure and supported alternative to online dating, catering to those seeking a more personalised experience.

Liz understands that experienced individuals often prefer a mature dating service. She knows that many of our clients are looking for equals in terms of honesty, integrity and personal achievements. They also welcome the fact that we prioritise privacy, keeping personal details confidential unlike most online platforms.

Let Liz help you find your perfect match. Contact Avenues today!

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Meet Natalie

Executive Matchmaker

With a real passion for providing a very personal and professional service, Natalie - or Nat as she is known to her friends - is a bubbly, positive, caring and compassionate person. As a true romantic, Natalie loves her role as a Matchmaker as it gives her the opportunity to bring people together. Natalie found herself single again at the age of 33, after a 15-year relationship. Today she is happily in a relationship and engaged to be married to her partner. She is a true believer in everything happening for a reason. She encourages her clients to be open-minded, honest with themselves and others and sometimes to look further than just a photograph, for that very special person who might just change their life forever.

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