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How Our Professional Matchmaking Service Works

Learn How Our Matchmaker-Led Dating Agency Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

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Large Database

We attract large numbers of professionals throughout the UK. Our database reflects this.

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Premium Service

Our affordable, personal introductions packages are for a premium level of service that we have developed over many years but still offer fantastic value compared to our competitors.

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Alternative Approach

Our biggest differentiator is having a human at the heart of the matching process, seeking that special someone for you. No more automated matches with people you are unsure about.

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Getting Started

When you first get in touch, a membership adviser will talk through with you how our dating service works and how working with the support of one of our personal matchmakers can help you to find that truly special someone.

Our membership advisers are very friendly and approachable. They understand the dating world and can guide you as to which membership might work best for your budget and your dating aspirations.

We can send you information to read through about our matchmaking process, including genuine testimonials from members who have found love through our successful executive matchmaking service.

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We Interview Every Member and Run Background Checks

All dating memberships begin with your one-to-one personal interview, where we get to know more about you and the sort of person you are looking for. This might be in your home, at our office, in the Midlands near Stratford upon Avon, or over a video call with you. We also run background checks on all members to ensure that those you may go on to meet through our dating service, are genuinely single and are who they say they are.

Matchmaking – Recommending Others to You That We Believe Have Genuine Promise as Your Future Partner

We’ll draw up your dating profile for you to approve, and your personal matchmaker then puts forward profiles of other members who have also been interviewed and confirmed as genuine and free to date. Your matchmaker will recommend others to you as potential partners, using their skills as dating professionals, to carefully select each match for you where we see there is genuine promise of a future relationship.

As a member, you will be matched on a one-at-a-time basis, so when you receive someone’s profile, we will not have recommended that person to anyone else at the same time, only to you. Your matchmaker will want to hear your feedback on the matches put forward, either over a friendly call, or over emails. This is a very personal dating service, where we will want to do all that we can to help you meet your future partner.

Finding Your Future Partner

Some of our clients meet the right person for them after only receiving a few profiles from us - others may see a number of profiles before we find the perfect match for them. It is a journey where we discover what is really important to you in the one that you seek. Sometimes through meeting others along the way, we discover more about ourselves and what really matters to us when finding a truly compatible partner with whom to enjoy the future.

We enjoy working in close partnership with you, listening to what you have to say about each profile you receive and use that information to build a picture of the one you seek. Your views, likes and dislikes will guide our choices towards finding the right one for you.

Relax, let our professional and experienced personal matchmakers help you find the right person for the warm, long-lasting and fulfilling relationship that you are looking for.

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