The new Bridget Jones book, dealing with Bridget’s return to the dating scene in her 50s, seems to be raising some eyebrows. Amanda Platell’s article, in today’s Daily Mail, claims the book is ‘as unconvincing as Bridget’s love life’ and that the book’s worst crime is to ‘pretend that returning to the dating scene in your 50s is anything other than purgatory’.  Well, Amanda’s experiences have clearly not all been good ones, but let’s remember that Bridget Jones’ Diary could always be relied upon for an entertaining read, and never claimed to be anything but fiction!

If any of our 50-something clients have had a sexual encounter in the bathroom, with the lights on, on a first date with a 29 year old toy boy they haven’t told us about it, – or maybe they have not joined our agency.  We know all about the anger that can follow a recent divorce, and how it can make it very difficult for a new relationship to succeed, or even get off the ground. Many of our clients are reluctant to date a member whose status, for whatever reason, is ‘separated’, for just this reason.  By this age, most of us have some baggage, it is how we have dealt with it that is important – to be ready for a new partner we need to have worked through that anger and put it behind us.

The reality is that the majority of our clients want to find someone whose life has followed a similar path. If they have children, they would like a partner with children. If they don’t, then they often prefer a partner who enjoys the same level of freedom and who can give them undivided attention – the exceptions, of course, are those who missed out on children and would relish entering a ready made family. Toy boys are rarely on our female clients’ wish lists – although many feel so young for their age that they would quite like a man a little younger than themselves – of course men are the same and some would like to think they can be matched with a much younger woman!  We offer the same advice in both cases – age is just a number, it is the individual that matters – I looked today at photos of two women – one aged 43 and one 62 – they could easily have been reversed! 

By joining Searchmate you can be sure that your ‘over 50 dating’ experience will not be about toy boys, sexual encounters, or wasted dates with lying, cheating opportunists much alike Bridget’s return to the dating scene. Searchmate is here for all age groups, sharing one common desire, to meet a like minded individual to share a fun and fulfilling future. 

Now, I’m off to the bookshop to continue my research and have a good laugh at Bridget Jones’ exploits.

Happy reading!