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Personal introductions and dating agency services in Argyllshire

If you live in Argyllshire or elsewhere in the Scottish Highlands and you’re currently looking to meet an attractive new partner then the team at Searchmate would love to help. We have been around in Scotland and offering personal introductions and dating agency services in Argyllshire since 1998.

We know that sometimes in Scotland, particularly in the northern counties and Highlands, finding new friends and potential partners can often be difficult because of the distance between localities. That is where Searchmate can come in, as the largest dating and personal introductions agency in the UK with access to more than 200,000 eligible singles, we also have a large and growing database of people in Scotland and would be confident of being able to help and put you in touch with high quality potential partners and maybe that very special someone too.

We have an excellent track record of success within the personal introductions arena in Argyllshire. Our system is unique in that we personally interview and thoroughly check out our members before they are allowed to join us, to ensure that you are dating not only high quality people but also people committed to finding a long term partner rather than the casual attitude often found on online dating sites.

Recently there has been significant levels of criticism in the press and on TV about internet based dating and it seems many people are currently looking fore a safer, less risky and more secure way of meeting their significant other, which is exactly what Searchmate will provide. The BBC’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama highlighted all sorts of malpractice within the online dating industry. This was as follows:

  1. Teams of Head Office staff targeting new and vulnerable people with fake online profiles to get them to pay.
  2. False profiles created by the public running into millions.
  3. Online dating fraud running at more than £36 million per annum
  4. Client data and photographs of a highly sensitive and personal nature being bought and sold without the clients permission or knowledge.

When you add to this the fact that the custodians of the data protection act in the UK, the Information Commission have written to the ‘Big 4’ online dating companies and the ABIA, with concerns about the terms and conditions that are being used and use of the terms ‘irrevocable and perpetual’ ownership of a persons data, it is little wonder that people are looking for the sort of safer dating options that Searchmate can provide.

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