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Searchmate – elite personal introductions and dating agency services in Caithness

If you reside in Caithness, you are very fortunate to live in one of the prettiest and most rugged locations in the UK but if you are currently looking to find an attractive, professional partner of standing, then maybe this very rural location is not the easiest of areas in which to find that perfect match. However help is at hand as Searchmate has been very well established in the Scottish Highlands and offering elite personal introductions and dating agency services in Caithness for many years – since 1998.

During that time we have built one of the largest and most successful databases of attractive, professional, eligible singles of all age groups, in the whole of the UK, with access to more than 200, 000 individuals in all. So in Caithness or anywhere across the Scottish Highlands, we are extremely happy to help in your search.

We offer a discerning, professional and superior, traditional dating agency service all across the Scottish Highlands and in the last 12 months never as our service been more popular or more in demand than it is today. Many people seem to be extremely uncomfortable with regards to online dating, particularly in the light of the recent exposure by the BBC and in heavyweight newspapers such as the Financial Times.

Our service is completely different and is built around the expertise and experience of our Personal Matchmaker team, who right from your very first contact with us, will be on your side and be working with you throughout your 18 month membership to find that absolutely perfect partner for you, from the Scottish Highlands or further afield. 

The world of dating has been changing recently, and many people are currently looking for a credible and viable alternative to meeting partners online, which is now seen by many as too risky and not confidential or discreet enough by many people, however these are qualities that Searchmate offer in abundance. The BBC’s high profile exposure of online dating, on it’s flagship current affairs programme Panorama, has caused many people to think carefully about their personal safety and security. The programme highlighted the following:

  1. Teams of Head Office staff targeting new and vulnerable people with fake online profiles to get them to pay.
  2. False profiles created by the public are running into millions.
  3. Online dating fraud is running at more than £36 million per annum
  4. Client data and photographs of a highly sensitive and personal nature being bought and sold without the clients permission or knowledge.

When you add to this the fact that the custodians of the data protection act in the UK, the Information Commission have written to the ‘Big 4’ online dating companies and the ABIA, with concerns about the terms and conditions that are being used and use of the terms ‘irrevocable and perpetual’ ownership of a persons data, it is little wonder that people are looking for the sort of safer dating options that Searchmate can provide.

So if you feel that you also would like to meet potential partners in a totally discreet, highly confidential manner, with your personal data and photographs stored offline and with no one other than our Personal Matchmakers having access to it, then come and talk to us and let us talk you through the Searchmate difference.

Our initial advice is always free, so please phone us and speak to a Personal Matchmaker straight away on 0800 466 4160 or click here to Join Now