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Success stories – so what is the Searchmate secret?

Well we have been around a long time now and are one of the most respected names in the UK in the personal introductions marketplace. Over the years we have generated unprecedented success stories for clients just like you, who have entrusted their future happiness to us.

Our Personal Matchmakers are experts in their own right and are dedicated to working on behalf of clients to bring that Mr or Ms Perfect into your life.  And when it happens, the results can be amazing. For us achieving a happy ending and perfect match is our passion but what is our secret?

Quite frankly our success over the years has been down to two things:

1) Hard work, attention to detail, in depth profiles and a determination to succeed on behalf of our clients.

2) Plus what is now the largest privately owned data base of personal introductions clients in the UK and real people rather than hundreds of thousands of dating profiles that may well be fictitious or completely inaccurate, written by people who may not be genuinely single.

Take a look at just a few of the many happy couples that Searchmate have helped to create below. If it works for them, it can work for you too!

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Julie and Jonathon from Surrey.

Julie, a hard working lawyer of 40, received 4 introductions before meeting Jonathon through Searchmate and he proved to be the man for her. The irony is that she nearly didn’t meet him because he had a child and she was hoping to find a man who had not yet started a family. We thought that he was in all other respects just what she was looking for, he lived just 9 miles away from her and he was open to having more children, so the introduction was offered. With a reserved ‘yes’ from Julie contact details were exchanged. They hit it off wonderfully well and after date no. 2 they were already talking about the future. She told us, “it has been nothing short of amazing ever since our first phone conversation” and that she “could not believe just how perfect he was”. This was only Jonathon’s second introduction, the first not going beyond a chat on the phone. They plan to marry later this year.

Rosa and Mark, in Yorkshire.

We could not fail to notice just how very attractive Rosa was when we met her and Mark had been described by a lady previously introduced to him, as “utterly adorable”.  When interviewed they both came across as really nice people – warm, friendly, considerate, open minded and optimistic. Mark wasn’t as interested in sports as Rosa but they seemed very much on the same wavelength. She was happy and settled in her nursing career and he had a good job in Marketing. Rosa was a new joiner for Searchmate and Mark had received a number of matches from us, having been on our books for around 9 months by then. Their first date went really well and they were soon both in touch with us, asking to put their memberships on hold for the time being. Things progressed so well that after sharing a romantic holiday together in Cuba six months after meeting, they let us know their exciting news that they were getting engaged. The couple married last year. They hope to have children but are waiting to start a family as they are still relatively young, in their early thirties.

London couple, Stuart and Penny.

Both in their sixties had active social lives, independent lifestyles and very similar backgrounds. Stuart had asked for a woman he “could cherish, someone feminine, not barking mad, good fun, and no grey haired old ladies please”. Penny made it clear that personality was the most important thing for her and that a man should have a good heart, a great sense of humour and appreciate the simple things in life such as laughter, sunny days and good friends. These two hit it off from the start and after some time seeing each other, they took the plunge and moved in together. When we last contacted them Penny told us all was wonderful but Stuart was too busy to come to the phone as he was “up to his ears in the kitchen, making food for a party”. Both these clients had been with us for over six months when they were introduced to each other and delighted with the outcome.

Clarissa and Max in Cheshire.

In her early 40’s, Clarissa was a fitness instructor, very pretty with long blond hair, and our interviewer described her as ‘oozing warmth, energy and kindness”. She was a laid back lady looking to meet a man on a par with herself who would have time and energy to invest in a relationship. We found Max for her, a 51 year old man who says he is ‘always on the go’ and the photos he supplied certainly backed that up – lots of water-skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits. He ran his own very successful company and was able to work flexible hours. The two of them were instantly attracted to each other when they met and after several dates decided that they wanted to introduce each other to their respective children. This went pretty smoothly and things moved along very well. They plan to move into a lovely new home together during the school holidays.