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Before they join us, one of the first questions that a prospective wants to ask us, is what and who is a typical Searchmate client, so here we have tried to provide some information on our typical members and their backgrounds. Here is a pen picture of a typical client that joins us:

  1.  We usually draw, attractive professionals from business backgrounds, who are often time poor and need a helping hand with meeting the right sort of potential partner
  2. Whilst we cater for all age groups, the age category 40-65 is one of the most popular, although we are happy to work with ages 25-40 and also those in retirement.
  3. We have a huge data base of people from the professions such as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, University Lecturers, Bankers, Wealth Management Professionals, IT Professionals, Teachers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Senior and Middle Managers, as well as people enjoying their retirement.

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Here Caroline Koutsides, the Actress, talks about dating and how Searchmate can be a rich source of attractive professionals across the whole of the UK.

Our Members

Below are just a few examples of Searchmate clients you could be considered for as a member. If you think you may be a match for one of them Call us now on 0800 644 4160, (we have used library photos below to respect the privacy of our clients).


Is 6ft 3in tall and a business owner specialising in telecommunications, living in Nottingham. Robert works hard and plays hard too, he loves dancing and has danced professionally in the past. He attends dance functions at least twice weekly and is very often the star of the show on the dance floor. He would love to find a permanent partner to accompany him. Robert also adores travel and has holidays several times a year. His favourite destinations are the Far East; Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, The Philippines and China. Robert is an out and out gentleman and treats ladies with huge respect, he is also a practising catholic and has worshipped in churches around the world. He is open minded about his perfect partner but he knows he will recognise her immediately when they meet, she will be attractive and someone who would like to match his dancing skills too.


A tall, attractive, intelligent and receptive lady, Sarah has a comfortable lifestyle and a beautiful modern home in Surrey. Well-travelled and previously having had a successful and stimulating business career, Sarah loves to go away for weekends, perhaps for a city break or for a skiing trip. She has a strong network of friends and family and is enjoying being a full-time mother to her young daughter. Her interests include theatre, dining out, country walks and a wide range of music. She is also a keen cook and enjoys all kinds of food. Sarah hopes to find someone kind and generous, considerate and flexible whose affection and loyalty she is more than willing to return. She is looking for a lively minded man who is on her wave-length, not too driven by his career and who enjoys the many good and fulfilling things that life has to offer.


This lady is an attractive, slim, well-educated and intelligent single lady, 36, living in Bristol. She is a fit and active person and a lover of the outdoors. Natasha enjoys country walks and to stop off at a nice country pub. Music of all genres and music festivals appeal to her. Having lived and worked in India and Romania as well as London, she is now interested in training to be a teacher. Time with friends and family is important to her and she enjoys socialising, going to talks, the theatre, seeing exhibitions and would like to see more of the UK. One of four children and inspired by the close relationship of her parents and time spent with nephews and nieces, Natasha hopes to have a family of her own in the future with a similarly well-grounded, adventurous and ambitious man.


A tall, attractive, man aged 46 and living in the Midlands. Ian is the Managing Director of his own engineering company and thrives on the challenge of running the company but has had little time for a social life since his divorce and came to us for a way forward. Ian lives in a very well maintained  home in one of the best areas of his home town. He has a close knit group of friends, but many of them are already in relationships and he therefore doesn’t get the chance to meet females socially. Ian is an only child and so has restricted family connections too. His perfect partner would be attractive, personable and a good homemaker but more than anything he is looking for someone who understands that running a business can be demanding and will be supportive to him in his role.


In her 50’s and living in Surrey, Alison is an intelligent, attractive, friendly and affectionate lady, good fun to spend time with, and is someone with an independent and loyal nature. She is sporty, loves to try new things, has a dry sense of humour and she values time with family and friends. Having worked as a manager for some years Alison has more recently chosen to work as a freelance Consultant, leaving more time for leisure activities and some voluntary work. She takes an interest in current affairs, loves stimulating conversation and favourite activities include off road cycling and skiffing (rather like rowing). She loved being involved with the Olympics as a volunteer steward. Her ideal day with a partner might involve going to a sporting event or to a musical concert followed by a relaxed dinner. Well-travelled, her favourite holidays include city breaks and wonderful scenic places such as the Victoria Falls & the Canadian Rockies. She would be a perfect partner for someone who would share her enthusiasm and energy for life.

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Is a Management Accountant who lives in a village in Leicestershire. He is 46 years old and a professional man in all senses. He is an  attractive and talkative individual, who can be a magnet to the opposite sex. Although he is only 5ft 7, he is a bundle of fun and confidence and is often the life and soul of any party. He joined us as a client as he wanted to widen his social circle, as meeting people through his work is quite unusual being a small company. Paul is looking for an attractive lady, his own age or possibly younger. He enjoys socialising, eating out in smart restaurants, the theatre, cinema and live bands. He would like a partner who is outgoing and who would enjoy sharing his interests and relish joining in with his hobbies.


Aged 53 in the South West, a vibrant, positive lady, Jennifer is good-humoured, considerate, loyal and enjoys and responds well to spontaneity. Privately and college educated she now works flexibly within an events hospitality company. With a passion for sailing, she loves her work and her involvement with both cruising and competitive sailing and attends various regattas, both in UK and Europe. Jennifer really enjoys travel and new experiences. She also appreciates the arts such as theatre and a wide range of musical styles. She likes attending concerts, following sporting events and dining out with good food and good company. She is a sociable and affectionate lady who values her friends and family and who likes to entertain at her home. Jennifer would be an excellent partner for a motivated, interesting and active man who is fun-loving and open to trying and sharing new activities and adventures.


Based in Shropshire, mid-forties and with a successful career, Richard is a fit and active man. He likes to run, typically doing around 20 miles a week and he enjoys hill walking. He goes shooting occasionally, either clays or game shooting, appreciating the social aspects this offers and loves being outdoors in fine scenery. He likes to meet up with friends, enjoys theatre, cinema and music concerts as well as having time to relax at home. Richard is seeking an intelligent, fun-loving and easy-going partner. He would like someone active and adventurous who also has a feminine and home-loving side to their nature and he is hoping to have a family in the future. Therefore is hope is to meet a lady a little younger than himself, although he remains open minded.


Aged 38 from London, Lisa has an upbeat and outgoing personality. She has lovely blue eyes, dark brown hair and a toned and attractive figure. She is work motivated, considerate and optimistic in nature and has worked as an Engineer in the Petroleum Industry for a while. Fit and sporty, Lisa plays tennis regularly and goes to the gym. She really enjoys travelling and when choosing a holiday she enjoys exploring the local area and activities such as skiing but also really appreciates time just to chill and relax. For her ideal evening with a partner she would love to go dancing with a live band playing, to have some good fun together and a nice meal. Lisa would love to find someone to have a family with in the future.


In East Sussex, mid-sixties, Peter impresses as a fun loving, sociable, articulate and energetic man. Very family orientated, he has warm relationships with his two daughters, one of whom works in his business. He has been involved with farming throughout his adult life and recently cut back on his work commitments to allow more time for other activities and interests. He loves travel and enjoys spending several weeks a year away. He likes water sports including scuba diving, sailing and boating and having enjoyed riding on holidays in Argentina, Chilli and Egypt, he is a good horse rider. Peter takes pleasure in going to special events such as horse racing, Wimbledon, rugby and the Goodwood Revival. He appreciates good food, loves to dine out in a great restaurant and to share a good claret. His tastes in music are varied and he likes to go to Glyndebourne and to the theatre in London. Peter is hoping to find the right lady with whom to enjoy a romantic, fun and loving relationship. She would share his enjoyment of living in the country and his energetic and positive approach to all life offers.


Aged 44 in Cheshire and 6’4”, Steve is open-minded, positive and fun to be with, sincere, articulate and cheerful. Extremely easy to talk to and friendly, Steve is a Marketing Manager in technical sales. He loves being outdoors and being active – he runs, swims, cycles and walks regularly. Being very sociable and family orientated, he enjoys socialising. He likes dining out and prefers French cuisine. Steve is well travelled and his ideal holiday would combine an activity with sightseeing and rest and relaxation. Steve’s ideal day with a partner might involve spending time outdoors, walking in a park or around a stately home, some people watching and enjoying a leisurely lunch. If evening, maybe to attend the theatre or the cinema and then to dine out, enjoying good food, wine and a chat about the performance. He is looking for a potentially long term relationship.


Aged 28 and living in Norfolk, Emily is outgoing and friendly with bubbly personality. She is thoughtful, considerate and sensitive to others and a pleasure to speak to. She works with pre-school children and would like to find the right person with whom she might look towards sharing the future and having a family of her own. Emily has lived for a time in both France and Spain and really enjoyed the experience. She enjoys music and theatre and likes to go to see local productions and also to go to the occasional West End show, such as perhaps the current musical, ‘Wicked’. She has been a member of a choir singing a broad mix of styles and her tastes in music include pop, R and B, 70’s artists and a little rock. Emily is hoping to meet a romantic and thoughtful man with an easy-going and good humoured nature.