Our Handbook – a wealth of information on dating

If you like what you see on our website but are not ready to join just yet would you like to take that next step and click to download our handbook?  Our handbook – a wealth of information on dating and relationships is aimed at both joiners and other interested singles. It is a PDF version of our standard handbook that you can read at your leisure and contains our rules and protocols but with a wealth of extra information for you as well. It is a substantial, 28 page booklet, that is available electronically or alternatively we would be happy to forward a hard copy of the handbook by Royal Mail too. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Searchmate has been established many years now and over those years we have built up a massive amount of knowledge and experience that we are happy to share with you. Most of this has gone into the handbook and we are happy for you to benefit from this experience.

It will also help you to understand us as a company and whether or not we are going to be the right agency to help you with something that is extremely important. The decision to ask for the help of a dating agency when choosing a life partner is probably one of the most important choices you will make and you will want to get it right.

At Searchmate we deal with you transparently, honestly, ethically and we work with you to the best of our ability at all times. We believe that our colleagues within the dating industry sh0uld also have those qualities at the forefront of their thinking when dealing with clients and that more transparency would be good for the industry generically.


Our Handbook – wealth of information on dating and relationships for all singles whether they join us or not and is yours for free!

Click here to download our handbook


Our Code of conduct

For your safety and security we DO ask  awkward questions on your behalf, in particular, whether our members have received a Police Caution or have a Criminal Conviction.

Our Code of Conduct is comprehensive and very clearly set out.

The handbook covers the following aspects of our service:

  1.  Our introduction
  2.  Now that you have joined Searchmate – what to expect and remember
  3.  The first profile – will it be the person of your dreams?
  4.  Picture perfect – attractive or not attractive?
  5.  The matches – here’s the deal
  6.  Silence is golden – the work that goes on behind the scenes
  7.  Was it something I said? – how to deal with rejection
  8.  Keep it simple – how to deal with the first phone call
  9.  To say, What not to say – do’s and don’ts of conversation
  10.  Coffee or 4 courses – where to go and what to do on a date
  11.  Let’s be honest – honesty and integrity work both ways
  12.  Time to make a change – changes you might like to make to give this your best shot
  13.  The serious bit – our code of conduct
  14.  Vital information – your important contact numbers

If you prefer to be sent a copy by post then please request this on the contact page or call us for a copy. All calls are free from landlines on 0800 644 4160