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Joining us is a very simple process, starting with an informal chat with one of our Membership Advisers, Amanda or Zoe. If you’re looking for a dating agency led by friendly, knowledgeable professionals, who are happy to put the client first, then Searchmate is the right choice for you.
All of our team have an extensive knowledge of the dating industry and are on your side. They are happy to offer sensible, easy to understand and straightforward advice, without any obligation whatsoever and it all starts with a phone call to our Head Office.

Zoe - Membership Adviser

Zoe - Membership Adviser

Zoe's Story:

Meet Zoe Hughes who has now worked as part of the Searchmate team since May of 2018, beginning her career as a Matchmaker and progressing to Senior Matchmaker and then on to become a Membership Adviser in 2021.

During her career with us Zoe has helped literally hundreds of members to find love and is tremendously caring, with excellent customer service always at the very forefront of her mind. She is also a hard worker who puts her heart and soul into helping others and has proved to be a real asset to her clients and to us as a traditional, face to face, dating service over the years.
Zoe is a real star with people and has a knack of making people feel totally at ease whatever their background. The secret to Zoe’s success is her ability to build a rapport with people very easily and to become a friend that will always stay in touch. She has the ability to pick up the phone and say ‘I thought of you and just wanted to see how you are’?

Zoe has been a wonderful asset to us over the years and a very important cog in the Searchmate machine – we are confident that you will also be impressed by her friendly smile, totally honest approach and straightforward dating advice that has proved so valuable to huge numbers over the years.


Jenny - Membership Adviser

Jenny - Membership Adviser

Jenny's Story:

Since joining Searchmate as a membership Adviser Jenny has helped many people to choose the right level of membership for them.

Prior to joining Searchmate, Jenny had spent her working career in the Travel Industry. Living and working overseas in various countries has given Jenny the skills and experience to be able to create relationships quickly.

In her role as membership adviser, she enjoys meeting new people every day whether on the telephone, video call or in the comfort of their homes, and is genuinely a good listener always managing to get the best out of people, gaining their trust from the outset with her patience and caring nature at this very important stage of their lives.

Jenny was born in London, (now living in Surrey) has eight siblings and was raised in a truly Mediterranean way with respect for both family and those around her, good family values and a great work ethic. She appreciates that these traits can also be very important to those searching for that perfect partner.

Jenny has a 27-year-old son of her own, her experience of life’s up and downs has helped her to understand clients’ needs for all ages, from young to old and having also been widowed herself, she has found love once more and is now in a happy relationship.

With online dating crime and romance fraud growing at exponential rates, Jenny knows how important it is to keep people safe, which is her top priority.

At Searchmate, people will be looking for genuine and honest individuals that are looking for a lasting relationship. The interview and vetting process is very important and can put people at ease knowing that the individuals they are matched with, are who they say they are.

Jenny is looking forward to having a casual chat with you, to hear your story, and to assist you in choosing the right membership option for you.

She believes that ‘ If what you have been doing so far has not worked, don’t waste any more valuable time, take a new direction, and let our personal matchmaking service Searchmate, help you to find that special someone- shorten your search successfully!’

Jenny is looking forward to speaking with you soon….