Many stereotypes exist about the differing needs of men and women in a relationship. It might surprise you to know that both genders are seeking many of the same qualities on their journey to find long-lasting love. Let us explain: 

Communication and Empathy 

Men value honest communication in a relationship. Without an honest and open approach, emotional intimacy and depth cannot be achieved. Relationships grow when ideas and emotions can freely be exchanged. Couples should feel safe to express their feelings. At Searchmate, our matchmaking experts can provide coaching to help guide these feelings. 

Value and Respect 

Feeling valued and respected develops a sense of worth within a relationship. Like women, men like to feel that their strengths are acknowledged and appreciated. When we feel ‘seen’, positivity and support become part of the relationship dynamic. Our matchmakers will always try to match you with like minded individuals who share the same values. 

An Emotional Connection 

Men crave connection on an emotional level. An Introductions agency will help guide emotional intimacy, which can help matches to share their hopes, dreams and fears. It encourages honesty and allows issues to be confronted before they spiral. 

Shared Values & Goals 

In order to work towards a future together, it is important that there is a foundation of shared values and goals. Men look for an aligned sense of unity and purpose with a potential, long-term partner. Searchmate is a traditional dating company that looks to pair partners based on compatibility to increase the likelihood of long-lasting relationships. 

Loyalty and Trust 

Men value loyalty and trust within a relationship. A sense of security and stability contributes greatly to a healthy relationship. Personal matchmaking encourages both of these virtues to promote successful connections. 

Personal Space 

For many men, personal space is important. An independent woman who respects her partner’s need for space will keep her own sense of identity, and allow her partner to retain his. This mutual understanding is key for harnessing a healthy relationship. 

Physical Intimacy 

Physical intimacy is often a vital aspect of a romantic relationship for men. In addition to physical pleasure, it provides a way of expressing love and closeness. Traditional matchmaking agencies carefully assess matches to ensure individuals have similar preferences. 

A Sense of Humour 

Men appreciate a partner with a shared sense of humour. Laughter develops positivity and closeness between two people. Openness is fundamental for nurturing trust and comfort in a loving relationship. 

In conclusion, in order to understand what men truly want in relationships, it is important to look beyond stereotypes. Men are looking for genuine connections, intimacy and mutual support, just as women are. Lasting relationships are built on clear communication, trust, respect and shared goals and values. Reach out to our friendly advisers today to learn more about matchmaking, and how our dating coaches at Searchmate can help you to find your perfect partner.