At Searchmate, we know it can be hard to figure out how to meet new people.  Everyday, we speak to single men and women who have decided to swap online dating for personal matchmaking.  As a result, we have a strong understanding of why our clients come to us.  Here are five key reasons why people choose to work with a Personal Matchmaker:

The Risks Associated with Online Dating

We’ve all heard the horror stories relating to a lack of client protection demonstrated by online dating agencies.  Many new clients reach out to us after finding themselves in possible danger.  Anyone can create an online dating profile.  Therefore, no-one can be sure who is real …and who isn’t.  At Searchmate, we protect our clients from fraud.  With a state of the art ID checking system, we verify the identity of every new member.

Support and Empathy

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is never easy.  However, our Personal Matchmakers have years of experience in putting clients at ease.  Our team pride themselves on building strong, supportive relationships.  The dating journey is no longer an isolating experience for Searchmate members.

Great Expectations

Searchmate clients know what they want.  Whether it’s a soulmate to build a family with, or a companion to share an exciting retirement with, they don’t want to settle for second best.  Our Personal Matchmakers handpick each recommendation.  They’ve spent time understanding what makes each client tick.  As a result, our members don’t have to trawl through endless time-wasters.

Online Dating Hasn’t Produced ‘A Date’

Many of our clients find that internet dating results in numerous emails but no face to face dates.   Our structure encourages members to move from an initial telephone call to a date.  This is a refreshing change for those who have had so many hopes dashed online!

A Belief In Love

Searchmate clients invest in their personal happiness because they believe in love.  It’s as simple and as magical as that!

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