As the days get longer and the sun becomes brighter, it’s hard not to yearn for someone special.  They say ‘every summer has a story’… here are five ways to attract YOUR perfect partner this summer:

  1. Let go of your preconceptions around ‘perfect’.  It’s not about meeting someone who is perfect on paper, it’s about meeting someone who feels perfect FOR YOU.  Chances are, you won’t fully understand what you are looking for in another person until you find it.  By dismissing possible new partners on the basis of preconceived ideas, you risk missing out on real and genuine love.  This summer, relax and ‘go with the flow’.
  2. Get a life.  Don’t sit at home on online dating sites or apps, start LIVING instead.  Arrange to meet friends, family, attend gigs, walk, paint, run, read.  Do whatever keeps you feeling stimulated and energised.  Ensure that when new people meet you, they are struck by that irresistible glow radiated by people who create a feel-good existence for themselves.
  3. Take care of yourself.  Yes, this may sound shallow, but think about it…what kind of people are you attracted to?  Chances are you’re looking for someone who exudes health and happiness.  You’re also likely to feel flattered if a first date makes an effort to look good.  Remember, it works both ways.
  4. Work on inner peace.  The more content and balanced you feel inside, the easier you will find it to attract love. Building resistance, or wanting something too desperately, often sabotages success.  Additionally, one of the nicest qualities a human being can display is the ability to let others be themselves.  Those who are at peace within, rarely feel the need to change or manipulate others.
  5. Know that you are already ‘whole’.  A partner will compliment the very best bits of you but will not ‘complete you’.  Understanding this fundamental truth will lessen the temptation to hold onto something that’s not right. Every relationship can teach us a lesson, but few are meant to last.  By freeing yourself from attachment to less than perfect bonds, you allow yourself the space to meet that incredible person who is perfect just for you.

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