The Mental and Physical Benefits of Dating:

However much we crave independence as humans, feeling connected to others is a fundamental need.  When we feel valued, we experience a boost to our well-being.  Strong social relationships help to protect both our mental and physical health.  From birth to old age, the quality of our connections with others affects our inner and outer life.  In this digital age, it’s easy for us to neglect this very real, human need.  Those who rely on ‘virtual’ relationships are frequently left with feelings of emptiness and inadequacy.  At Searchmate, we understand the importance of genuine, real-life bonds.  As a personal matchmaking agency, when we set up a match, we encourage our couples to meet in person as quickly as possible.  Our dating advice to clients includes:

Talk on the phone instead of emailing

Hearing a person’s voice and being able to pick up on tone and nuance is so much more satisfying than exchanging hurried messages.  As matchmakers, we find misunderstandings occur much more frequently when couples text or email instead of actually speaking to each other.

Give new people a chance

When dating, leave your preconceptions and prejudices behind and give new people an unbiased opportunity to share his or her personality with you.  People are almost always more interesting than you expect… if you give them a chance to be themselves.

Listen when people speak

We have all experienced the frustration of trying to share a two-way conversation with someone who only wants to speak about themselves.  When building connections, ask questions; find common ground.  Not only will the person you’re talking to feel valued, but you’ll learn so much more about them. At Searchmate we work with professional single men and women who want to feel valued by a partner.  When our clients find love, we witness a shift.  They grow in confidence, optimism and happiness.  Call on us  0800 644 4160 to hear more about how we can help you to build genuine, life-enhancing connections.