Why We Need Healthy Relationships During Lock-down

Adjusting to a new way of living is challenging. We are at our most vulnerable when much that has previously sustained us is put on hold. In this article, we examine the strong psychological need for healthy relationships.

We tend to go through a number of different stages during times of emotional trauma. It’s essential that we share healthy relationships with people who we can work these through with.

Disbelief: It’s hard to accept the sudden loss of freedoms; social groups; jobs. At first, many of us were in denial about the extent to which this crisis would effect us personally. Just weeks ago, the way we are now living seemed impossible to imagine.

Anger: How can this be happening to my business? Why can’t I see my family? Why are people panic-buying? Many of us experienced feelings of anger as our new reality set in. We searched for people to blame. Our tolerance levels were low and our mood edgy.

Sadness: Sadness often follows shocking changes. Realising we can’t fix things right now can make us tearful, just as seeing the country coming together to celebrate our key-workers can make us highly emotional, a mix of helplessness, gratitude and pain.

Acceptance: To survive, we have to reach a level of acceptance. At this point we are able to create new routines and coping mechanisms. We adjust to our new reality as the anger fades.

Hope: This is the strongest stage of our evolving feelings. We realise we are surviving which, most importantly, leads to creative thinking. We find hopeful and optimistic ways of seeing the future. Yes, our circumstances have changed, but happiness feels real and possible again.

How We Can Help

At Searchmate, we have responded quickly to our changing circumstances and have created virtual ways of connecting our members, ensuring their search for love is not put on hold. Our friendly and experienced membership advisers are able to talk you through ways in which we can help you to connect with genuinely single men and women looking for rewarding, long-term relationships.