Dating Agency Morayshire

Personal introductions and dating agency services in Morayshire

Would you like to find a new partner in Morayshire but are a little unsure as to how best to go about it?  Well Searchmate have been offering high quality personal introductions and dating agency services in Morayshire for many years and we’d be confident of being able to help.

Being single and trying to find a high calibre partner can be very daunting at the best of times and when you’re in the Scottish Highlands and the density of population is lower than most of the rest of the UK, it might feel more difficult than ever, particularly if your standards are exacting and quite rightly you set the bar very high. Compromise should not be part of your thinking.

The solution to this conundrum could well be Searchmate, who have amassed one of the largest databases of attractive, professional singles in the whole of the UK, and an extensive client list in the Scottish Highlands and Morayshire.

Recently dating has been changing, as the online dating sector of our industry has come in for some severe criticism and justifiably so. The BBC’s high profile Panorama programme, heavyweight publishers such as the Financial Times have both been critical of selling practices and the way data is bought and sold between companies without the clients knowledge or permission and now the Information Commission, the custodians of the data protection act in the UK, have written to the ‘Big 4’ online dating companies in the UK, expressing concerns about their terms and conditions of membership and the security of client data.

Not a happy scenario then, the outcome of which is that many people are balking at having a highly public profile of themselves on the internet, containing very private data and photographs, which in turn has meant that many people have been looking for a safer, less risky, more discreet and confidential service, where they have an experienced Personal Matchmaker to work with and that is precisely what the team at Searchmate actually provide.

If you would like to join Searchmate, or talk to us about how we can help you, then please ring us on our freephone number 0800 644 4160 or email us at [email protected]  Alternatively if you already know that this is the service you have been looking for then click here to join online immediately.