When new clients come along to meet us they are so often keen to stress to us how young they are for their age. Whilst it may well say one age on their driving licence they tell us that they act, look and feel 10-15 years younger than this. This is all perfectly fine  – most of our clients could be described in a similar way as they are people who have taken good care of their appearance and their health and they hope to meet someone who has done the same.

Also our perceptions of age are somewhat less clear these days with the likes of Lulu and Helen Mirren for example, who look fantastic for their age – hardly our typical idea of grannies in slippers! And there are many men too who look very good for their age and are fitter and more active than other men who are 20-30 years younger than they are. We may look back to our grandparents’ generation and recall a more sedentary lifestyle, perhaps with increasing health problems, but we are all living longer these days and fitness and recreation keep many of us very young for our years in today’s world.

It is really worth bearing in mind that just because we feel years younger than our true age we do not necessarily need to look for someone to meet as a future partner who is a lot younger than ourselves.  There will certainly be others around our own age who have very similar lifestyles to ours and who are similarly active, interesting, good fun and wonderful to get to know. Yes, some people do appreciate more routine as they grow older and perhaps become less inclined to take risks but for so many others, we find that the complete opposite is true!

We have spoken to a number of clients over the years who have had a relationship previously with someone many years younger than themselves and sometimes a bigger age gap has become an issue when expectations and goals are not the same for both parties. Those clients often want to meet someone this time around, nearer to their own age to lessen the chance of their next relationship ending because of these differences.

Essentially it is worth remembering that we are all individuals and we all mature differently. It’s a key part of our job as experienced matchmakers to find someone for you who we feel you will find attractive and who is at the same stage of life as yourself. Someone who approaches life with the same energy levels and degree of spontaneity as you do and who shares your values may well be an excellent match for you and it will be these factors rather than their actual age that are the most important.

So yes, age is just a number and it’s just one aspect of what might make someone a fabulous match for you. To give yourself the best chance of finding your perfect future partner you need to keep an open mind and look at the whole person, not just at their age or at any other one single factor.