How Can Your Personal Matchmaker Help?

We speak to so many people each week about how as Matchmakers we can help find them a lovely new partner. For some they take the approach of trying to define to us explicitly what they want in an ideal match whereas others leave things more open and ask us to guide them in their choices.

Part of the role of your Matchmaker is to be your friendly dating adviser and between our great team of Matchmakers at Searchmate we now have many years of experience of helping to create happy couples so we know what we are talking about and we love what we do!

If you are hoping to meet the right one, remember that your Matchmaker will have spoken to lots and lots of men and women about what they want in a partner; what they find attractive and what puts them off! They will have also spoken to the particular man or women they have in mind for you and whilst they will not breach any confidences, they will be able to guide you because they have got to know both parties involved in a prospective match.

If you have very set views in what you want it can be more of a challenge as we cannot create others to an exact specification – we are working with real people after all and your personal matchmaker understands this. And if you are a lady reading this and for example, always thought you would never date a man with a beard, someone with red hair, someone who had never had children or whatever, you could just be missing out on the love of your life.

Generally we all want to find our partner physically attractive but they need to light up our lives in other ways too and we need to see people as a whole not just as a photo or as another single fact about them.

We have lots of great success stories here of bringing people together so if you are already one of our clients, enjoy letting your Matchmaker get to know you and through that connection with them, hopefully you will find a really great match.

If you have not yet joined us as a member we are more than happy to have a chat with you at no obligation, so feel free to pick up the phone and call us 9 till 9 weekdays or leave a message with your name and number and we will be happy to return your call.

See how having a personal Matchmaker could make a real difference in your life.