We are having a fabulous week here in the matching team at Searchmate with some great successes with our recent introductions.

Having got to know our current clients well we sometimes just  have a gut feeling as to who would be the perfect match for a new member who’s just joined. Of course we check through our records and notes as to what’s important to both parties but beyond that, we can often just feel that these two would be so right for each other. It’s been like that for several new clients this week. Once the match is confirmed profiles are exchanged and we wait to hear their response. Hearing back a ‘yes’ from both  we can get on with passing on this good news and exchanging contact numbers.

There has been a particularly high level of ‘yes’s’ to the profiles sent out in the last few days, meaning lots of our clients have someone they are really looking forward to meeting. I’m sure that first breath of spring in the air  is encouraging all of us to be positive in our romantic aspirations. We look forward to those warmer days and long summer evenings which we know would be great to share with someone special.

We’ve also been hearing of some of our previous matching that has now progressed from ‘he/she seems nice’ to ‘we are so in love…thank you so much for finding this wonderful person for me!’

It’s never dull working here and it’s often so very rewarding.