Have you been looking for a new partner, maybe tried dating but so far the right one has just not come along? Perhaps you have yet to look in the right place?

Finding your perfect partner is not as easy as it used to be when we were back in our school or university days. The world then may have seemed pretty well stocked with other singles who had similar tastes and aspirations to our own. However, as we move on through life our friends seem to pair up and if we find ourselves single again after a long relationship, everyone else in our social circle seems to be already one of a couple.

In fact the world has more single people than ever before but meeting them, and especially your perfect partner has become a little more complicated. If we drop into a bar to mingle (if we dare) it is likely that most of those there are already in a relationship. How many gorgeous women over 35 hang out in bars waiting for the right man to walk in? We know it is not many and even less chance of them being your perfect partner!

Busy lifestyles, demanding careers, family commitments – these factors can all make meeting the one we are hoping for more difficult. Internet dating provided a hoped for platform to help us widen our circle of contacts but it has also led to some serious cases of deception as well as often simply not working as a means to actually meeting others of the right calibre for a future relationship.

There is now a role more than ever before for trusted and well established dating agencies such as Searchmate. We support genuine singles in finding a suitable partner. After your joining interview with us your personal matchmaker will recommend others to you who have also been carefully interviewed and ID checked. Your matchmaker is more than just a name at our office – she is on hand to help you find the one you seek and can play a key role in making it happen for you.

Whether or not you have tried other means of meeting singles, if you want 2014 to be the year when it happens for you, please call us now and find out how we can help you meet your perfect partner.