Older Age Groups,Intimacy for older age groups

Intimacy for older age groups is still on the agenda, according to research recently presented by the Think Tank at the International Longevity Centre, who recently carried out a major study of the sex lives of pensioners, using data from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing – if you’re able to find the right partner. The survey revealed that more than a quarter of men over the age of 85 had experienced sex in the past year however, compared with just 10 per cent of women in the same period.

Unfortunately, despite the majority of older people engaging in sexual activity, the subject remains a taboo one that is hardly ever highlighted or discussed in the press, on TV or the media generally. Cesira Urzì Brancati, a research fellow at the International Longevity Centre, said: ‘Romantic relationships are a fundamental part of people’s life – not just at a young age, but throughout the life-course. Cesira continues: ‘And yet sexuality among older people is under studied at best, and neglected at worst.’

The saddest fact of all is the tiny percentage of people aged over 50, who go on to experience intimate relationships, if they become widowed or divorced after the age of 50.The report, ‘Finding Love in Later Life’, also examined whether people of 50 and over are likely to remarry after experiencing divorce and widowhood. It found that nearly two thirds of divorcees and three quarters of widowers aged over 50 are women, leaving heterosexual women with far fewer men to choose from, which creates a real problem in terms of finding, trustworthy, caring, companions within the right age group. Indeed, only a tiny proportion of unmarried older people (approximately 1 in 20) begins a new relationship after divorce or widowhood, researchers found. 

We asked Julie Lazarus, the Senior Membership Adviser at Searchmate, how she felt about these startling statistics, says Julie “Quite frankly I am appalled at how few people are being successful in finding partners in later life, it has really saddened me. This is what we do at Searchmate – we find quality, carefully vetted, trustworthy, partners for others, who can go on to become lifelong partners, companions and lovers”

Julie continues “I just wish that we could spread the word more effectively as the over 50’s market is one of our strongest, but that seems to be one of the best kept secrets in dating. If you’re over 50 and are in widowhood or are divorced, get in touch, we can and will help at Searchmate”.

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