Why Have You Struggled With Dating So Far?

Dating tends to be an area that a lot people struggle with and it’s also quite a strange fact when you think about it. For example, we go around meeting new people all the time. We are all human beings, so we are social creatures by default but yet when it comes to meeting people of the opposite sex we tend to struggle.

So the question is, what has caused you to struggle with this area of your life? It is an important question to think about because look at it this way, there is certainly something that has caused you to struggle with this area of your life. It could be anything ranging from something as simple as not having the time to devote to this area of your life. This is an understandable especially in today’s busy modern world where so much emphasis is placed on careers and working hard.

It is only natural that dating can tend to be left behind compared to other areas of your life. Maybe it’s not due to the demands of your work life, maybe it’s something else entirely. Maybe it’s just that you genuinely struggle meeting someone you would have a strong connection with. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence in yourself. Maybe it’s even some fears you have internally that are holding you back?

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