First Date Advice – Letting Someone Know You’re Not Interested

First Date Advice – Letting Someone Know You’re Not Interested

How To Let Someone Know Politely After The First Date You’re Not Interested – First Date Advice

A first date is one of those social encounters that is designed to test the waters a bit.

The point is to meet the person, spend some one-on-one time with them and then see if there is a connection, sexual chemistry and the possibility of it developing into something deeper in the future.

Sometimes though it just doesn’t go according to plan or how you’d hoped it would and we hope that our first date advice will help you deal with this situation…

You go out and meet your date, you are intrigued initially and they even like you. You are thinking that they seem like a great person and could be someone worth developing a relationship with in the future.

Then the feeling of nothing sets in.

What we mean by this is a complete indifference. You finish the date, maybe even wait until the next day but there is that feeling of indifference.

However, you know for a fact that they like you more than you like them so what can you do?

How can you break it to that person without crushing them?

The easiest way to handle this and our first date advice is to simply be honest with your feelings.

There is no need for silly tricks or tactics as some dating experts who provide first date advice may have you believe.

All you need to do is be open, honest and upfront with them about your own feelings.

So here is what you do and you can modify the following script as you see fit.

This script is not cut and dry, it’s simply a guideline you can follow and here is what you say.

“Hey, I’m really glad we got to meet and spend some time together but I just didn’t feel that romantic connection and chemistry with you. I’m really sorry but I want to be honest and tell you now rather than lead you on.”

No need for silly tricks, just simple considerate and respectful honesty.

Sure it’s going to be hard and they will be disappointed but if you take this approach we can guarantee that they are going to respect you so much for it and you’ll come off as a great person.

How A Broken Heart Varies From Each Person

How A Broken Heart Varies From Each Person

How A Broken Heart Varies From Each Person

Patching up a broken heart is not easy. In fact, if you have been in a long term relationship then it may take you a while to move past your hurt, and put yourself in a position where you can get on with your life. Ultimately though, it’s going to vary for each person.

Some people will tend to deal with a breakup easier than others. These people typically have a higher level of resilience than the average person. They tend to have a higher level of self-confidence. These are the kinds of variables that are highly fluctuating between individuals but they all play a role in the way each person deals with a break up.

Then there is the actual causes of the break up that also play a role in how devastated each person will be. A break up that is the result of an infidelity is going to be much harder to deal with than the break up that is the result of a gradual growing apart. These are the kinds of things that also play a role in the level of hurt each person will experience.

So what we need to remember here is that patching up a broken heart is not necessarily an easy thing to do. If you are currently in a situation where you have recently experienced a breakup then it can be a good idea to really look at your situation. See if you can work out where the pain is coming from and then seek to deal with it before it gets too out of hand.

The length of time it takes each person to patch up a broken heart is going to vary so it’s important to give yourself time to deal with the situation and emotions you are feeling. In time you will feel ready to begin looking for love again.