Men are from Mars and Women most definitely are from Venus

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, we have always probably known that and certainly since Dr John Gray’s book of the same name was written, all that time ago in 1992, it only actually feels like yesterday! Certainly when relationships break down men and women certainly do seem to react differently.

When things go wrong

Men often prefer their own company and maybe feel like they want to cry into their beer in a pub or bar, women are typically the complete opposites and invariably have a close network of friends who rally and provide support to get the friend this has happened to out and about again and keep them busy and interacting socially. Who is right and who is wrong is actually anyone’s guess but for both the healing process has begun, albeit form two vastly differing starting points.

Different philosophies around moving on

Both will gradually start to interact socially again and the hunt for a new partner will begin, maybe a little sooner for men with ladies taking their time more often and taking time to grieve and get over their lost love gradually. With men taking more of a gamble more quickly, ‘getting back on the horse’ much more quickly in an attempt to move on and find someone special again.

Seeking specialist advice

Whilst both sexes react somewhat differently, this might be the time to consider getting some specialist advice on what has happened and why and how to avoid the same issue going wrong again in the future. They may also feel they want some advice on how to grieve and get back on their feet again, on things that could help them feel stronger and less grief stricken. Here we look at Dating Coaches that could have a positive impact and help the situation. We have worked with several Dating Coaches over the years, so here are our recommendations.

The Best Dating Coaches For Men

Karen Perkins

Karen is based in Sheffield and being in the north offers great advice but also great advice at great prices too. Karen has a very straight forward approach but is very empathetic and helpful. She provides help and advice to Searchmate clients on some of our memberships, so if you’re thinking of joining Karen could even be helping you on a complimentary basis.
You can contact Karen through

Google Ranking 5 Stars

Trelawney Kerrigan

Trelawney is the Dating Coach with our sister company Elect Club and you can contact her there she has been working within our parent company Dating Options for many years. Trelawney is an author of two successful books ‘Be a Hollywood Heroine of your own life’ and ‘Be the woman he falls for not the girl he sleeps with’. Trelawney is also straight forward and extremely honest but empathetic and understanding. She is extremely well recommended as a coach and qualified hypnotherapist.

Google Ranking 5 Stars

James Preece

James is based in Loudwater, Buckinghamshire and is an extremely well known Dating Coach and Therapist. James can help you master the secrets of dating, build confidence, help with flirting skills, body language and attraction. He has appeared on TV and Radio as a Coach on many occasions and is also a well known author. You can find James at

Google Ranking 5 Stars

Lucy Porter

Lucy is a highly acclaimed and respected Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Astrologer and Sex Therapist who is based in London. You can contact her at – she is very versatile and knowledgable and uses astrology for matchmaking and bringing people together, as Lucy LOVES love. She writes regularly for he UK’s Wellness Hub

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Could we help?

If you need any help on dating or relationships, our Membership Advisers are also experts in their own right. They are available from 9am until 9pm and their advice is always completely free. They can advise on joining a Dating Agency and often have an amazing depth of knowledge. Please ring us on 0800 644 4160 between 9am and 9pm and we can get you talking to someone very quickly.