All the recent hype about the new Diana film and the central relationship it portrays got us talking in the Searchmate office about the issue of how interracial relationships work.

When we talk in more depth to all our new clients this is one of the many questions that we address, as for some the racial group of a potential partner is a major consideration. Conversely for others it barely features, or is simply irrelevant when discussing the wish list of their ideal partner. We wondered if times are changing in today’s multicultural Britain. Are we gradually becoming more genuinely multicultural, not only in terms of those who make up our wider social circles but also who we would envisage an intimate and lasting relationship with?

For some clients this question can bring forward concerns about the views of the rest of their family, but we wonder if perhaps some of us fall into the trap of making assumptions of possible prejudice or concern where perhaps it doesn’t really exist. I have also heard some clients say that they only want to see profiles of others who are of a different racial group to their own and they may have strong preconceptions about certain races, white, black or whatever racial group.

Essentially we are guided by our clients’ preferences when suggesting introductions to you as we are here to work for you in helping to find you the right partner. We will always advise you though to keep an open mind as to what makes your perfect partner.

The perfect person for you might not be exactly what you had imagined and it would indeed be a shame to miss the opportunity of meeting someone who you could find is a truly wonderful match.

Perhaps you have some experience of this issue which you would like to share?

If so, we would love to hear from you so do please get in touch.