Want To Know The Topics Of Conversation That Ruin A First Date?

There are certain topics that are guaranteed to ruin a first date.

You may have made them at least once or maybe more in the past. If you bring any of these topics up you are going to kill any attraction that exists between the two of you and any hope of a second date.

So what are the topics you must avoid at all costs on a first date?

Read on.

  1. Previous relationships – This is a topic that will come up eventually but certainly not one to talk about on a first date. It is an instant mood killer when someone starts talking about their last relationship and begins dumping all their emotional baggage onto the table. Save it for further into the relationship.
  2. Politics and current affairs – Politics is such a divisive field it shouldn’t be brought up on a first date because it can potentially create a large divide between both people. Current affairs is similar although you can talk about current affairs but don’t go overboard because it also has the potential to create massive division on a first date.
  3. Finances – Don’t start talking about any debts you may have or other financial difficulties you may be experiencing. On the flipside, don’t start bragging about it if you have a lot of money. Many people will judge based on economic status and they’ll do it quickly on a first date if you bring up money immediately. Save this topic for further into the relationship.
  4. Getting married and having children – This is one of the biggest mood killers of all. This should be common sense but unfortunately it’s not. No one wants to know that you want to marry them and have kids with them on the first date. It is creepy and will scare many people off.

A lot of these should be common sense but they’re not so pay attention and make sure you don’t venture into these topics on a first date.