How Much Does A Matchmaker Cost?

We get asked the question “What does a Matchmaker cost” on many occasions – usually at least a few times a week and it probably comes about from the fact that in the early days of internet based dating and dating apps, it was a free service and they made their profits advertising rather than by charging for the service. So people maybe got used to the idea that “dating is free”, which of course it never is, as every company that is employing staff has to make a profit one way or another, to cover its costs.

How “free dating” works

The downside of “dating is free”, is that the service in most instances wasn’t very good and therefore wasn’t successful for the majority of users, hence very poor reviews on Google and other search engines and the realisation from most consumers that dating at little or no cost didn’t work and that the end product was very poor.

Free but does it work?

Basically what “free online dating” was – was the loan of a particular company’s dating software and matching algorithm, with the consumer actually doing all of the work. There could be little or no support available if things went wrong, as they weren’t able to employ staff to provide a proper, meaningful service and one that worked and could produce a lasting result.

Why Personal Matchmaking may cost more

So to answer the question, a Matchmaker does often cost more than an online service as you are dealing with a real live human being or team of human beings and they have to be paid. But they can often also produce a result and that would result in happy clients embarking on a wonderful, long term relationship and maybe even moving in together or ultimately marriage. So the choice is yours – a free service or something a little more meaningful that might lead somewhere.

Your Matchmaker’s involvement and what to expect

If we look at the job a Matchmaker may do, that would give you the best clue as to costs, as in most agencies you would be like to get the following:

  • Dating advice prior to joining according to your circumstances and location.
  • A personal interview.
  • A professionally written profile.
  • Photography advice or even sometimes a photoshoot (photographs can be so important).
  • Background checks on every member, to check out they are who they say they are.
  • Checks on their residency, involvement in crime and solvency.
  • A welcome call from your Matchmaker and possibly a Dating Coach.
  • A guaranteed level of dates or profiles.
  • Ongoing help and advice from your Matchmaker.
  • Regular reviews and profile updates.
  • And eventually a wonderful new partner entering your life.

A service that does work

So quite a lot of professionalism and expertise and a service that works and regularly produces results and one that we’d like to think is vastly superior to meeting someone through online dating or by swiping left or right on a dating app. It might also pleasantly surprise you to learn that whilst some Personal Matchmaking companies can be expensive, many aren’t and wouldn’t be charging that much more than an online service.

Typical Matchmaker costs

These days the minimum membership cost would probably be from around about £1,000, right up to £100,000 for the best of the best in Mayfair in London, but typically entry level services would be from around £1,000 to say £5,000, with London companies tending to charge more, with teens of thousands being quite commonplace.

You can view the Searchmate pricing options here which are competitive compared to most other matchmaking services you will find.

How Searchmate Compares and Getting in Touch

Here at Searchmate, we try to offer a good value service, we wouldn’t want to be the cheapest, so we start at £1,295 and at the top level £3,295 for our Platinum product, with Club also available at £1,895. If you’d like to know more our Membership Advisers never charge for their advice and would be happy to talk you through the industry and answer any questions you may have. They can be reached from 9am until 9pm most days on 0800 644 4160 and the call is always at our expense. Alternatively fill in the contact form below and we will ring you back within 24 working hours to take you through your options as impartially as we can. There is never any obligation either, so please do make that call.