Looking for a little Christmas romance?

Looking for a little Christmas romance?

With that time of year fast approaching we are experiencing busier than ever phone lines here in the office at Searchmate. Christmas parties are in the offing and wouldn’t it be great to have someone rather nice to go with?

Well if you are thinking of trying a personal introductions service such as ours, whilst we don’t guarantee to have your ideal partner for you by the 25th December we will do all we can to get your new membership off to a quick and smooth start.

Perhaps you have tried internet dating but found too many weird and sadly less than wonderful messages coming your way and none that actually materialise into a really lovely person you feel excited to meet?

Those who decide to join our membership are looking for a more effective way of meeting someone like themselves; the right calibre of person who shares their values and lifestyle. Perhaps not the sort of person you are likely to find on an internet dating site?

We are available to talk to at no obligation 9 till 9, Monday to Friday so do pick up the phone and talk to us in complete confidence about how we might help find your perfect future partner.

This Christmas why not treat yourself to a Searchmate membership package?

You may just be taking that first step to making your life complete.

Finding your ideal Partner

Finding your ideal Partner

These days just about everyone who joins Searchmate tells us that they are very young for their age and they want to meet a similarly youthful person to themselves. Men in particular may expect to meet women five years or more younger than themselves and of course there may be women we can suggest for them that are a little younger. But is it really essential that we are in a relationship with the ages set at what we may perceive to be the perfect gap to be the ideal partner? Indeed, is there really a perfect gap in ages or can we find someone fabulous, an ideal partner who happens to be very close to our age or maybe a little older?

In today’s world where many of us take greater care of ourselves and look so much younger than our parents’ generation did at the same age maybe we need to focus more on what just feels ‘the right match’.

We could be really delighted with someone that has the same youthful outlook as ourselves, the same energy levels and maybe if close in age to us, similar life experiences and hopes and dreams for the future.

It is an old adage that age is just a number but so often in finding the one, it is worth remembering that it is true. When it comes to finding someone that sets our pulse racing, age is just a number after all.