Hospital Doctor in Online Dating Fraud

Hospital Doctor in Online Dating Fraud

Hospital Doctor in Online Dating Fraud

I was so sad to read about Liz Todd, the talented and hard working hospital Doctor duped out of £168,000 this week by the heartless conman and fraudster Christopher Heayns. Through what is fast becoming  notorious for this type of case – the online dating site Plenty of Fish. When I saw yet again the headline in the press ‘Hospital Doctor in Online Dating Fraud’ my heart sank.

Why does it happen when there are viable and credible alternatives such as our very own Searchmate site? Where we invest thousands of pounds annually in promoting ourselves as an alternative and add to our costs by deploying a team of interviewers around the country to visit people in their own homes to check potential members out and utilise an expensive authentication and verification system to completely vet and check out each and every joiner.

Dating Fraudster

Well I will tell you why it continues to happen. Because fraudsters like Christopher Heayns are so incredibly detailed in what they do and are extremely plausible. With Liz the lady in question this time. Gifting him £168,000 to invest ‘in their future together’ and unbeknown to her.Her mother Hilary (another highly intelligent lady working as a Biochemist) also being relieved of £125,000.

To illustrate the tragedy of this case and the cost of their involvement with Heayns, Liz has been left penniless by her actions, she has been forced to sell her home to pay off debts and has had to declare herself as insolvent whilst she battles against a tidal wave of creditors and her mother has had to return to work in retirement in an attempt to keep herself afloat.

Professional Personal Matchmakers

But the saddest question has to be why? Searchmate has been around since 1998 and has in the past helped many thousands of people through their personal matchmaking expertise. Employing one of the largest teams of professional Personal Matchmakers in the UK.

You too can benefit from Searchmate’s highly professional approach to dating. And the fact that all of our members are thoroughly vetted and checked before they are allowed to join.  Ring us on 0800 644 4160. Initiate a live chat. Or complete our contact form. We will then call you at our expense.

Online dating fraud in the headlines

Online dating fraud in the headlines

Saturday’s Daily Mail featured yet another news story of a man in court for dating fraud who had used a major online dating website to find his victims. It is happening so often and this time, six women and £43,000 taken. For many of the women involved the financial loss will be difficult to recover from but this sort of fraud also causes significant emotional harm too. Those involved are left not only with financial problems to resolve but also wondering if they can ever trust anyone again.

If this has not happened to you, perhaps the victims seem very gullible and you may think, surely you would have a degree of common sense that protects you. But almost every day we speak to someone who has been a victim of this kind of fraud and these are intelligent people who are ordinarily quite level headed. I suspect that most people hurt in this way do not report this. Could you imagine a head teacher wanting to tell the world they have been a victim of a dating scam? It seems that when looking for love, as we want it to be true, somehow we allow ourselves to ignore all those little niggles and questions that should be crashing alarm bells.

Rising divorce rates and the fact that for many of us there are many years of active life ahead of us after divorce, mean that there are more unattached people over 35 looking for a new partner than ever before. Internet dating may be a cheap option but is it cheerful?

If you are wanting casual dates and a forum to interact with a very wide mix of people, internet dating could be for you. If you are ready to find someone special with whom you would like to have a lasting new relationship, then perhaps a traditional, upmarket introductions agency such as Searchmate could be a far better option for you.

Every one of our members is ID verified and personally interviewed. You can be sure that they are who they say they are. We offer introductions one at a time and have a code of conduct to reassure members that they should be treated at all times with courtesy and respect. Perhaps this is a  little old fashioned when compared to online dating but it is perhaps, why we are seeing so many new members wanting a secure way in which to meet others and to have the support of a personal matchmaker to ease their way along this very important and exciting journey to find a new Soulmate.

If you would like to read the Daily Mail article, click on this link

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