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What Is The Best Matchmaking Service?

So many choices it can be confusing If you are looking for a new partner then there is a multitude of choices around which way you could go about it and if you’re newly into dating after a long...

What Does A Matchmaker Cost?

How Much Does A Matchmaker Cost? We get asked the question “What does a Matchmaker cost” on many occasions – usually at least a few times a week and it probably comes about from the fact that in the...

Do Dating Agencies Work?

Many people ask this question, probably because of the onslaught of online dating and dating apps, they don’t realise that there is actually an alternative. But the truth is that Dating Agencies...

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No Valentine’s Card This Year?

No Valentine’s Card This Year?

No Valentine's Card This Year? No Valentine's card this year? It certainly is disappointing if that hoped for card or gift didn't materialise, especially if you started the year so positively...

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How Dating Can Improve Your Well-Being

How Dating Can Improve Your Well-Being

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Dating: However much we crave independence as humans, feeling connected to others is a fundamental need.  When we feel...